Unable to connect to Battle.net


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Sep 16, 2009
Unable to connect to Battle.net

Hello everyone!

The release of 1.13 on PTR sparked my interest for Diablo II (yet again), so I installed the game and patched it to 1.12. When I run it and try to connect to battle.net the game is unable to connect.

I looked that port 6112 and 4000 appear to be closed, but since this is campus internet I can not open those ports.

Is it possible to play D2 over a proxy ? I tried using a program called Socks5cap and using a random free Socks5 proxy but I was still unable to connect. Mind, I'm not an expert on using proxies, I could very well have done something wrong.

Appreciating any information that would help me on right track.
Re: Unable to connect to Battle.net


Apparently I can play on US-East and Asia Realms, but not in US-West and Europe, neither in the PTR realm.

So it can't be the ports. I'm pretty clueless what it could be then :/
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