Ultimate LLD Sacadin Weapon


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Jun 27, 2003
Ultimate LLD Sacadin Weapon

What would that be?

Wouldn't it be great for example if you planned a lvl 9, or lvl 12 pala to get +skills for the skills of your choice?

Like Sacrifice, Might, and maybe Smite. The only skills a sacadin use really...

How about this shopped scepter from Anya (normal) then:




PS! Only thing that would make it slightly better is if it had 10% IAS instead of the add 1-2 cold dmg mod, it would improve the attack speed from 13 to 12 fps attack, or from 12 to 11 depending on gear (Bloodfist, Sigon combo). But since a cold dmg charm for a lvl 9 takes up two spaces, the cold mod equals 15 life more (at least if you are rich :p )
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Hehe, just checked...

Ultimate weapon would be a War Scepter (range 2) with those +skill mods, without the add cold dmg mod, hence it would still be white, so it could get 5 socks if found late NM or Hell :p

Or have the +10% IAS mod, but then it could only have 2 socks.

The scepter (range 1) can only get 2 socks, so mine being magical isn't a big deal. If I'm lucky with the socket quest it will get 2 socks :)


PS! How big difference does range 1 vs 2 make when you are in melee combat with another char?
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That warscepter would be sweet :) . A pain to find though since preferrably it should also be etheral. Guessing start nm cowing now and you might get one by 2010 or so ;). Can't say much about difference of range. but a +45 max of that scepter would be awesome.

Haha... this is the SUPER-find for a lvl 9 Sacadin :D

War scepter has str req of 55, and since I plan to use a breastplate (req 30 str) if I decide to make one I rather have this weapon.

I will go Bloodfist since Sigon combo req too much str.

That rules out the Grand sceptre from being better, since that will be attacking at 15 fps vs the scepters 13 with 10% IAS gear.

The scepter being magical is also good. Since a normal white-text sceptre shopped in act1 normal most probably would get 1 sock if used with the Larzuk quest (depends on item lvl) the magical enhancement gives it a 50% chance of getting 2 socks.

ONLY thing that I could have hoped for was the 10% IAS mod instead of the add 1-2 cold dmg mod. That would make the attack take 12 fps instead of 13 with this one.

So, all in all, a very good buy when waiting for traders in my "items for perfs" game :p

edit: The 5 sock War Scepter would IMHO first become better if you plan to go to a higher lvl than lvl 9 or 12, since 25 stat points saved (30 for breastplate) will net you 75 more life on a pala)
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Clegs sword > this....Imo anyway...

A nice +45 eth sup warscepter would blow this thing away regardless so it's not even question.
Hehe, I dont agree that clegs is better for a lvl 9 Sacadin (what I plan).

Clegs has 55 str req. So my only reason to go to 55 from 30 (breastplate) would be the weapon. Well, 25 stat points = 75 life, which makes a difference on a lvl 9 ;) Or you can socket the sword with -15% req jewel and loose some dmg.

Clegs socketed will have a dmg of 3-19 + 9 max, so 3-28 (with 50% DS).

My Scepter will have 6-11 + 18 max (or +9, depending on socket luck), so 6-29 (or 6-20). So can be almost equal in dmg.

My weapon has also the 1-2 cold dmg mod, so I dont ned to use a charm like that, instead I can use one more 15 life charm. (Large charm 1-2 cold dmg, lvl 6)

So then it's down to +3 Sac + 3 Might + 3 Smite +75 life (from stats) + 15 life (from 1-2 cold dmg) VS 50% DS... I let you be the judge...

And as for stylichness and originality, the Scepter wins flat out :p

For higher levels though (lvl 12 and up), things might swing more and more towards Clegs or War Scepter IMHO though.

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cleglaws is good but the 2 sock +3/3 scepter would have a better dmg outcome.

remeber though deadly striks work on FINAL dmg after jwels and stats...not just the weapon.

but clegs is much easier to obtain.
hmmm going for dueler or pker?

think you'd need clegs to get by chicken unless it's set to ten :D
I heard that max damage jewels bypass pvp penalty is this just a rumour as my first thought was?
I have a lvl 9 saccadin.. all 9 max jewels.. cleglaws.. he's a failed character. Though, I did just find him a 1 max , 2-4 (2-3?) Cold Damage GC.. I didn't take him out after I found that GC

*edit* you can't say there are scepters better than:


for a lld saccadin.
Maybe an eth 2 sock +3 might/sac Warscepter with dual max jewels...but outside of that, Nawh.
well, riley and stephen..

i happen to have had the same thought a while back, but with a different class. i dont know how to post screenshots, but here are the mods.

122 ed
3-14 dmg
-30 req.

total dmg? 49-222
it started out eth sup 8% and had some fun jewels put in it. Nightshade saw it and the build it was made for the other day.
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