Types of Avengers


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Jul 10, 2004
Types of Avengers

What's the difference between an "avenger" and a cookie-cutter avenger?
AFAIK "avenger" just means you use vengeance as your main skill. any aura would still classify you as an avenger.

"cokkie-cutter avenger" means using conviction aura only.
which is generally just called an avenger, because that's the standard way to do things. when you use a different aura then you're (that-aura)+avenger
are avengers really good at killing in hell? do they die a lot or not because of the added resist from the defensive auras?
Well the higher resists certainly don't *hurt* Obviously they help survivability rather than hinder it.

From experience with my avenger, they has no problem killing in hell. His problem is primarily that he occassionally has to run away from large mobs of enemies as they tend to club him with things that take his health down. I am not sure how this compares to other fighter character classes. The only other class that I have played in 1.10 is a summoning necromancer (which tend to be nigh indestructible). Also, I don't care for all the clicking required of avengers.
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