Turning over a new leaf.. and joining Druids!


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Sep 9, 2004
Turning over a new leaf.. and joining Druids!

Right, after making a few useless posts, the time has come for me to make a thread introducing myself and my new Windy, which is currently lvl 91 and rising very fast.

My name is Paul, a.k.a. Flarefurey to my closest friends( this is from a Korean game in which I go mad with Flares in :D) Im 14 years old, and Im Korean pure and proud.
I've been constantly looking into this forum, daring myself to properly introduce myself. But my lack of interest in druids altogether was holding me back, and so, to affront this problem, I made the above druid.
Now guess who's gone to the dark side?

Maybe you people might help me out with my Windy, give me some ideas in how to improve it?

(stats are good so I wont mess with them just yet.) :lol:

20 Torna
20 Hurri
20 Cyc armor
20 Twista
1 into Ele pre-req

1 in Raven, SW, DW and WB
Currently maxing: Oak Sage

Equipment: (some people might know this already from my posts before)
Enigma Archon
Stormshield w/Pdia
Hoto 30% :cheesy:
3+Eleskill Amu, 10%FCR
Trang Gloves
Raven/FCR+allres rare ring
Ondals on switch

3*Ele Skillers
A couple of res scs

Is this build viable for PvP, and what strategies should I use against specific cookie-cutter builds?
Can this build run Hell Mephi successfully?
How about Hell Andy?
And then Pindle?
Then Baal?

Appreciate feedback :D


Welcome to the community G0su_Hellbolt!

Nothing to really say, I'm Unchosen and I'm the sexiest Druid around.

The other regulars will drop a friendly post to welcome you, I'm sure.
Cruise by our OT thread and make a post. Ignore the fact it's called "Official Druid OT Thread" cause we all know it's a crappy name but our NEW moderator isn't Mr Creative.

Anyways, welcome!

Welcome to the druid forum! :howdy:
You've surely read the informativy stickies already, so read the OT ones to pass the time if you feel like it. Asheron is a korean wannabe so I'm sure you'll fit right in. ;)

Your windy looks fine, for PvM you can switch some resist charms out for life or mf charms, if you remember to refresh your CA regularly.
If your mercenary hasn't got a Reaper's toll it would help.
How can you call leveling fast at lvl 91? You sure are patient if it really feels fast.

Anyway, enjoy your stay here! :thumbsup:

I suggest using jalas over shako in your case for a few reasons;
~no cta so the +2 dru wont hurt the net +hp you gain
~if you use shako, you have no fhr%
~the +res helps you gain poison res
~+stats rock :)

About that fhr...if you use shako you have zero %, which is 13 frames :(

If you use jalas, you have 30%, which is much better!

If you shael it, you will be at 8 frames, which is so much better~

And finally, if you switch your boots to sandstorms {which also have massive poison res to help kill the only element that will get threw your cyclone armor & hurt you, along with great + stats}, you will have 70%, which is a 7 frame hit recovery.

You would be able to attack almost twice as much as soon as you get hit as you are now :)
If you want to get anal...replace the archon enigma and remake with a mage or breast plate, defense isn't going to be doing anything for you. Personally, I would remake a character simply to save some stat points, especially for a build that requires so much dexterity to reach max block with SS.
pvp viablility is all about stat point placement
probably pvp viable if you get 7 more ele charms

me > unchosen
unchosens gf > me
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