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Oct 28, 2007

I'm disappointed. This late into the day and no daily yet? :coffee:

RL: Just finished day two at work. Nothing exciting to report. I've got the oven warming to throw in some chicken, some forums to catch up on, and a hankering for some beers. I'll have to go out later to get it, though, so there's a good chance my laziness will overcome my desire to imbibe.

D2: Taking a page from JayGun and Ulla's playbook, yesterday I started up my second attempt at a Teslafroster. My last one fizzled out due to boredom and an overwhelming dislike of Zeal's erratic attack speed & "Zeal-Lock". This is only my second attempt at a Zeal build since 1.10+, so maybe I'll finally see why people enjoy the character.

OVG: The SDA tourney is on hold for another 24 hours, so none of that today. Instead I think I'll download the Streets of Rage Remake. It's cool 'cuz it's basically a collage of all three SoR games for the Genesis/Mega Drive with unlockables and a completely remixed soundtrack. Over a year ago I tried one version that was drastically buggy, but I don't know which one. According to its creator, the fifth and final version will be released soon that should fix most/all the game-ending glitches, but I'm not in the mood to wait.

Have a good day, folks! :wave:
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Busy busy day for me...

RL: Prepare for Chicago. Leaving at 7AM sharp tomorrow.

D2: Figure out how to do audio commentary and SDA's submission process.

OVG: What OVG?
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i thought about opening a daily but then i decided i'm new so it is not my right to open it. :)

RL: Still need to study a lot. I hate school, exams, HWs and everything about school :) Maybe some friends are exception :) In the evening, maybe i could go out and drink some coffee with friends, maybe beer dont know why but i wanna be drank. Probably i wanna forget all school work coming.

D2: Planing to start new chracter FC Druid with Aldur's. Need to study on that, make some calculations and find the gear. Playing is maybe some more not much. After i found my vex today, i will not push my luck harder :)
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Ugh... nnnggh... blargh.

RL: Just had dinner (leftover spaghetti w/ meatballs). Unfortunately, it's not sitting well with my gut.

D2: Nope, trying not to throw up.
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i thought about opening a daily but then i decided i'm new so it is not my right to open it. :)

WRONG! You have every right to start a daily. I didn`t do it because I`m lazy and hoping someone else will take control:)

Ah, the Boston/LA dilemma. The choice was pretty easy, Boston it is. Now I`ve got to arrange an interview at the embassy to get my work permit, which shouldn`t be a problem, but it is likely to take a couple of weeks.

RL: I watched the latest episode of Dexter yesterday. Wow. Just Wow. This season is going to be epic if they keep this up. I have no idea what I`ll do after work.

D2: Considering the fact that I`m moving and there probably will be little time to play D2, I think it`s time to abandon Lower Kurast and just have fun with the game. LK hasn`t been fun lately, so I really should have done it earlier. Still, my inner perferctionist wants me to run until I get to a nice and round number, so I guess I have to do 3,3K more runs to get to 30K total.

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@Thomh: Thanks for the courage :thumbup:

Congrats about the Boston, i hope you will like there :)

Dexter... Well there are 5 episodes waiting for me to watch. This week every1 seems to love the episode which pushes me to watch them. D2 or Dexter. This is my dilemma now, lol
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RL: Took care of some paperwork.

D2: Possibly.

OVG: Beat portal. The credits were awesome. Maybe play HL2.
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RL: Midterm (well... endterm) exams today, and vacation (grading) WThF. Wife's returning home. She'll be surprized the dishes are done, but still find something to complain about.

D2: Necro passed into Hell difficultly, but is waiting for others to finish up NM. Paladin has progressed up to Pindle, and should finish the act this evening. He's got new gloves...Hellmouth... that really helps the damage. He's a frost zealot with 15/15 Sacrifice/Zeal, 20/20 Frost/cold resist, so the extra fire damage is well used.
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RL: It's trying to intrude. Have a project coming up soon that'll prove to be 'interesting' to say the least. :crazyeyes: But it'll pay some bills so I'm not going to complain to much.

D2: Finally got a little time to play. I forgot how rough untwinked starting out could be again. Blood Raven at p8 with a level 7 cold sorc tested my sanity and patience.
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@Thomh Apparently I missed where there was even a debate between Boston and LA. Perhaps I'm biased, but Boston is a fine choice(I can neither confirm or deny I live around Boston). Neither is cheap, but you're from Norway, so it won't seem that bad(I've actually been to Trondheim. Beautiful, but I remember the prices as painful) The music scene is good in Boston, but I won't say its better than LA, so a toss up there. TRM may have exaggerated a bit on getting around in the city. Just don't drive. A Charlie card(for the T) will take you wherever you want to go. Anyway. Good luck on the move to a great city.

RL: Last day of work for me. Going to my parents for the holiday tomorrow morning. Downside is I don't want to leave any food in the refrigerator, so I have nothing to eat. Oh well, takeout it is.

D2: Slowly, and I mean slowly, taking my failed assassin to her HF so she can be degeared and deleted. Also moving a barb through hell.
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RL: 5 exams down, 2 to go. The next one is tomorrow, the only one I fear.. It is so ewul I hardly want to say its name to loud. It was created to pest Post Graduate students who thought they were in to learn something they could use their undergrad knowledge with. For PG's who thought they would be learning something useful... It is... evil.... it's beginners french!

D2: Really shouldn't, it will have to wait.
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RL: Headed to Arkansas for TGiving tomorrow, so I'll be making preparations for that: wash clothes, pack, etc. Unfortunately, I tied one on yet again last night, so I'm moving a bit slowish today. Yep. Nap(s) will be in order.

D2: meh.
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RL: Well, went on the "first date" yesterday with the new girl. We went to see The Men Who Stare At Goats. Pretty funny movie, I have to say. I'd recommend it. The date went well, too ;)

But, lets see, today, I'm gonna fill out applications and clean up the house. Thank Goddess for unemployment money. I'd be screwed without it...

D2: No way, mannnnn.

OVG: HL2 all the way. I've got a long way to go because I also bought HL2: Ep. 1 and 2.... So, I'm excited :thumbup:
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RL: Been back from the hunting trip since sunday, seen more beers than deer so it wasn't a complete waste.

D2: Mabe/Mabe not.

OVG: Broke down and shelled out the 20 bucks for TL yesterday so I've been occupied with that.
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RL: I just got owned. On my birthday this summer, a friend gave a gift concealed inside an empty TrueBlue pregnancy tester box. I decided to keep the box for kicks, and hid it in my closet. My mom was snooping today and found it. :banghead::banghead: She's never given me the whole birds and bees thing, so for the last hour she's been spewing safe-sex nonsense while asking me if she has a grandchild running around somewhere. :banghead::banghead: Oh the agony.

D2: No D2.

OVG: Real life hangman. :hang:
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@Omg That's some serious parental pwnage. My condolences. In your shoes I probably would of asked why she only thought there was one running around. Then again I have a tendancy for digging myself into deeper holes than I need to.
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