TS/DS Untwinkled help plz


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Nov 28, 2005
TS/DS Untwinkled help plz

Hiya everyone.
I have recently changed from Bnet to SP and my first char is a TS/DS and I am very pleased with her. Currently she is lvl44 and going strong.
As this is my first char and thus untwinked I cant afford Crescent Moon Yet.

I decided to go with Duel claws using Strength and Malice.
The question I cant decided upon and thought you might be able to help with is;

What should I use for an armour?
Just found a 2soc Serpantine armour I was going to use, but didnt know if to use Stealth or Smoke, or any other suggestions?

If you're going claw-claw, and not using Fade, then Smoke would be a great choice.
Ah nice thanks.
Yeah I wont be using fade. Prefer BoS. Going to make a smoke anyway now, only problem is I dont actually have a Lum yet, still being in normal and all.
Finding a lum could take a while, and I'm sure you'll find a few better armors to put smoke in before you do, so I would go ahead and make stealth in that one, because it could be a while before you find a lum.
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