TS Bug?


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Nov 24, 2004
TS Bug?

I recently started a new orb sorc, i decided to throw TS in the mix aswell so instead of adding any points i thought i'd just equipe an ormus armor with +3 ts. I cast TS then replace the armor with something else and i notice that Ts isn't going off. The aura is still there but it never seems to go off. Is this a bug? it works fine with shivering armor and any other skill i try.

I also want to know if casting Ts with +% light damage gear will increase the damage for a buff.

Sounds new to me... and also very convenient haha. Hmm... Mel! Mel! Enlighten me!
TS cannot be prebuffed!!!
If you try to do it the animation will stay but the bolt will never trigger as you said.
It's because the lightning hits with the skill level you have at the time of impact, not the time of casting the aura - whereas the armors are cast once and for all. Same with +lightning - it only works when you're wearing it at the time of impact.
Thanks folks... you save me testing this out for myself. I love cheating out of learning...
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