Tri-Elementalist Revisited

Theio Vrefos

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Sep 7, 2008
Tri-Elementalist Revisited


So, now that respec is a lot easier, i'm thinking of giving a trielementalist a try. Was thinking frozen orb/lightning & chain lightning/firewall

So far i have this in mind, and it works pretty good:
  • 20 firewall, frozen orb, lightning/chain lightning
  • 1 point wonders (static, warmth, teleport, armor)
  • remaining points in lightning mastery

With full tals and 6 lightning skillers, she hits: ~550 orb, ~11k lightning, ~5k chain lightning, ~6k firewall

I tried her out in single player and i was positively surprised. Tal set + frozen orb does great damage and i relied on it a lot, teleporting around using my merc as a meat shield and spamming orbs.

Chain lightning was pretty cool for countess. It worked in chaos sanctuary (at players 4), too, but i had to rely on orb + firewall + static for bosses.

I was surprised with firewall, too, as, even though i'd invested just 20 points in it (and 1 pt synergy warmth and 2 points fire mastery from tal's orb) it still did a respectable amount of damage, enough to drop vizier's group.

My main problem is breakpoints, as i don't have 117 fcr, only 105. Moreover what would be the correct point placement for lightning/chain lightning?

I also tried thunderstorm and nova. Both did crappy damage to be noticeable, especially nova. Frosen Orb/Nova/Firewall would be a lot more elegant point placement-wise, but the damn thing requires a lot of mana to spam and hardly kills anything :p

Here's a link to the skill planner.
Re: Tri-Elementalist Revisited

I built a tri-ele sorc recently, went with Orb, Firewall and Nova. I never used Nova because I had Orb - so it didn't really work out (IMO a tri-ele sorc should use all 3 elements sort-of equally). I know from experience that Nova does quite well on a fully-specialized Lightning sorc (in my case with Infinity Scythe as weapon and lots of skill bonuses). Tstorm is obviously easier to 'use' because it's passive, but also doesn't really do much in terms of damage.

I'm planning to start an Orb/Hydra build as soon as I have some time.
Re: Tri-Elementalist Revisited

Congrats on a Tri-Elementalist Mat! Sorry that I didn't see this when you beat the game with your character but I don't come to these forums every day. I only saw this from another thread that you posted this link to. If you haven't already seen it, this is one of mine Matriarch Kara. Kara's skills are similar if not the same as your sorc. What did you name her? It's obvious that we had the same idea for this particular build. Looking at the skill planner (the same that I use), it's logical that Firewall and Frozen Orb would be two of the three skills for the character. You don't need to invest many points before they really shine. I was surprised with Firewall as well and once I learned how to use it, I couldn't imagine making this type of sorc without it. The only variable to this build was the skills in the Lightning Tree. For me it came down to Charged Bolt, Nova, and Lightning/Chain Lightning. I actually made tri-elementalists using each of these skills. Using Lightning/Chain Lightning is more fun when you've reached the 117 bp. :)
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