trang set necro


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Mar 26, 2005
trang set necro

i'm almost totally new to (version 1.1x) necros plus i'm bored with d2 at the moment so i've decided to make a necro based on this set

this necro is intended for some fooling around and general playing (solo/team), and will probably reach levels in the 9x area so he needs to be reasonably tough

i will probably be using 2x bk rongs, maras, anni,torch and maybe a pb/sum skiller or two (whatever i can find on my mules), but i'm not sure about which wand i want to use

i also need some help with the most efficient skill/stat distribution for this set, what to socket in armor/helm/head; aka experts advice

ty for your cooperation
Made a trang poison/summoner recently mostly because I found so may of the belt. Works great for me, can do solo Baalrun (slowly) and the best hell cow runner I've found so far. I went max block with pdiamond in shield and 2x crap poison jevels in armor (3/3). I use white wand and necro torch + crappy life, mana and res charms (no ani, cta or other expensive stuff). You want max block because you need to get close enough to hit with poison and with max poison dmg your skellies are weak. Only problem with Trang is the runspeed tends to kill your minions. Besides the great thing with Trang is that walkspeed=runspeed, so that means, I think, that you can move fast and still have 75% block.

PS: Strong merc as tank is a key. I use nm act 2 offensive with treachery, obidience eth CA and Tal's mask with 15 ias. This gives great dmg, ll, cb and fast attack
a few questions:
1. max block would require about 230 dex at lvl 90 for 75% block - is that really worth it or should i go vita ?
2. since blocking is governed by FHR animation in vampire form ,should i go for more than default fhr (25%)
3. vampire has pretty bad fcr breakpoints, with the default 20fcr from gloves i reach only the pathetic 20 frame breakpoint - is it worth using higher fcr gear or should i stick to stuff like bks, deaths web with no extra fcr but more dmg to poison nova ?
4. is it really worth going the raise skeleton/hybrid way (how much skeletons help at all?) or should i focus more on bone armor etc ?
Answers to your questions...
1. 230 dexterity is a waste im my opinion to get max block, I would go with vitality, especially since im going to suggest you go minions.

2. fhr is always a good thing to go for, though I wouldnt get it because of the block (as I dont beleive its worth it). However, as your uusing trangs, you wont tele, thereby eliminating the "tele-into-groups-of-frenzytaurs-with-attitude-problems-and-get-pwned" problem that teleing necros can face.

3. Just because the Vampires fcr is horrible doesnt mean that you should ignore getting some more fcr, especially since even a few frames can make a difference. Givin your gear choices though, I would still go with DWeb, as with minions you wont have to worry, and you should be able to spam off a few novas in 2 seconds.

4. Yes, it is definately worth going the skele hybrid way, skeles can become insanely powerful, with more than 10k hp at higher lvls, and having 10+ skeles run around with your gear will make you all but invincible.

A possible skill setup could be...

1 Teeth
1 Corpse Explosion
5 Poison Dagger
20 Poison Explosion
20 Poison Nova
7 Curses (all the way up to lower resist, use for the -poison resist it will give)
20 Raise Skeleton
20 Skeleton Mastery
1 Clay Golem
1 Golem Mastery
1 Raise Skeletal Mage
3 Other golems
1 Summon Resist
1 Revive
All remaining points into poison dagger

This skill setup would give you a 4.5k-ish poison nova, and thats before your
-150ish poison resist to enemies, which will let you have about 9k per nova. And this is given along with the added security of 13-15 skeles, 7+ mages, and 16 revives. Not only is this build fun to play, but its also laid back (for messing around) as you can pretty much kill everything in the game w/o having to worry about enemies, as your skeles take care of them.
Meh.. I've had fun with a partial trangs set. He's level 82 and I've only been able to find the armor, belt, and gloves. I'm using a homuc, shako, AoKL in the other slots. It's kinda fun casting fireball and firewall on a decrep / gumbied Baal. The mana regeneration is pretty cool also. I was thinking about putting in an ETH in there just for fun to see if I can continously cast FB -> FB -> FB -> FW (rinse and repeat).

Hm...looking at your post, I'm guessing you're more of a PvP player. Ah well.. then my advice may not be for you since I'm PvM.

Good luck and good hunting!
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