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Nov 30, 2006
Trading Help

i just started this game a month ago so...

How cna you tell what is a good trade or what items are good. i always have to ask a friend if an item I find is any good, and he's getting sick of it XD

So anyways, can anyone tell me what mods are good, or how to tell what items are good? Oh, and can someone also tell me if nay of th items on FT list are good:

Trang Oul's Armor
Angel's Ammy of the Giant (plus one to sorc. skills, plus ten strength)
Raven Wing Ammy (Plus one to zon. skills, plus five mana, 29 fire res.)
Jade Talon
Duriel's Shell (is NOT indestructible)
M'avina's Tenent
Athena's Wrath
x2 Venemous Ammy of Accuracy (one is 3/25, other is 3/8) (bonuses are plus 3 to bone/poison necro skills and plus dexterity)
x2 Naj's Circlet
x2 Undead Crowns
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Hi there. Welcome to the forums (a bit late, but still). You might want to try the Trade Value Forums. You won't get any answers (based off of the fact that a full two of the threads there have a single reply or more) but no one will whine at you...
At the trade value forum you have a number of stickies you might find some use in reading. Always remember to state realm and ladder or not when making a thread there, prices varies depending on where you play.

As for the items none have any real tradevalue, mostly a coupple pgems if you find anyone who needs them.
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