Trading and useful calculators


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Jun 29, 2024
Hi guys, i created a trading site (no real money!) and there are also some useful calculators (see tools) to e.g. check how you can masterwork as fast as possible. It is ofc not as big as the main trading site but it grows slowely and has some cool or better features other sites do not have
  • always stable and reachable
  • no chat system (no spamming)
  • best material price overview on one page
  • good working item detection via screenshot
  • automated price check (only works good if there are some similar items on the market)
  • filters for aspects and unique affixes (e.g. you can filter for tibaults with 20% unique affix dmg)
  • no old listings since they automatically expire
  • you can use materials as currency instead of gold (e.g. someone sells an item for 80m, then you can offer 2 stygian stones instead)
There are only some hundred users and listings but we get more every day. As fare as i understand the rules, i can post the link here.

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