Torches in SP?


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Nov 25, 2007
Torches in SP?

That thought just crossed my mind and I'm pretty sure I'm not the first one, but I couldn't find any thread about it, so here it goes.

Firstly I'd like to state that it isn't the content of 1.13.

My idea involves open
Firstly, I know that it's forbidden to have any contact with it, but it's just an idea and I'm not keen on testing it (and neither should anyone) before I get confirmation from mods.

I want to know, if it's possible to open portals with keys on open bnet. If it is, that would enable us to legitimately get those charms, without any use of forbidden mods.

I know that it's a sensitive issue, because it involves open bnet, but if we put requirements that you only do ubers on bnet in a passworded game (who doesn't do ubers in passworded game anyways) and outside of that you don't use open for anything else, our community should stay clear and unspoiled by any hacks and cheats that are going on there.

Ultimately, everyone here is on his honour, if you want to cheat, you can cheat without going to open. I think that we have a community that is mature enough to pull this off.

Thanks for reading.

(and the first thing I'll probably get as a response will be that you can't get torches on open and I'll look like a retard :p)
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