To the Father of Damage to Mana Physics

Glenn Cain

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Mar 21, 2004
To the Father of Damage to Mana Physics


I couldn't think of a better way to get you, so...

1) I have the cresent moon ammy. This replaces another ammy of 1 to barb skill and 9 strength and some little nibs. From an IK (WW pure) barb's standpoint, which is appropriate?

2.) Cresent has 10% DTM. But when the venom lords cast their flmaes, or strike at me, I apparently get hit, but my mana globe seems to be stagnant. Id 10% too little to warrant a visible change with respect to monster damage?
The reason you are not seeing you mana ball change, when the vemon lords hit you with flames, is because DTM only works on physical damage.
Because the ik set has built in mana leech you don't need the DTM or leech from cresent moon, use the plus skill barb ammy. Hope that helps
Hey,I told you all physical & Magical damage goes to mana,in addition all elemental dmg except area of effect & timed damage,so yes inferno wont go.You wont get anything with 10%,Get 25% atleast for a decent conversion.An ith(15%) in will will do,use a carrion wind as well.Why crecent moon?use either angelics/bk or highlords/raven/carrion.

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