T'is been a good day


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Jun 22, 2003
T'is been a good day

Ah, sorry, I usually don't rub it in people's faces, but today I must.

Okay, so first of all, I had two detentions within the past week. I went to one, and skipped the other. I wasn't going to have many problems because of it, but tomorrow, I have a day off, and I really didn't want to serve double detention after school.

Luckily, I didn't have to go visit the 9th grade's principal's office! Woot!

Parent teacher meeting today. I got a 103% in Math, but they had to print it 100%, because it caused errors in their excel spreadsheets to make it higher.
My average (89) would be higher had it not been for computer class. We get 20 points out of the 100 based on conduct in class, and each time you disrespect the rules, you get a demerit. English isn't allowed in the classes (I live in Quebec, tell me about it), and so I lost about twelve points cause of ****** teacher (88% in computer class, teach told me why it was so "low").

But anyways, 89 average is decent.

So I get home, talk to friends, procrastinate on homework (will probably copy it on Monday before first! ... period, that is), talk to friends some more, go out, have a decent time.

Then I get home. I play some D2, and finally decide to take my sorc for a spin around hell meph. Did 32 runs, did some Baals before that with tooie and trebol :)D) and decide it's time to level my merc.

In NM cows, I find:

8 max / 58 AR / 6 STR GC
1 summoning skills/34 life GC

Then I decide to do my hell hellforge.

Guess what I get?



Yeah. I'm happy.


wish you had a gul? IIRC when i left on saturday you DID have a gul... :lol:
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