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Feb 26, 2008
Tipsy Thursdaily

'twas the first "t" word to come to mind.

RL: Finals are nearing, so I should be working, but instead most of the time is getting spent slacking off. :p. The Nets made it 0-18 today. Simply amazing. Even their coach can't help but wonder. Here's to hoping they win a game before Christmas. As for tomorrow (ie. Thursday), no lab (!), so hopefully some work will actually get done.

D2: Spent most of the day trying to figure out new PvP builds, but pretty much came up short on all counts. *shrug* Managed to convert Baal runs into PvP though, and even stole the 'Enigma' that was just sitting there on the ground (!). Definitely >> my 'Duress', it is. *envy*

OVG: Started up Mabinogi again yesterday and got to level 6. If it weren't for D2, that'd probably get more attention.
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@Nagisa: Where are you from, where do you live?

RL: I've got to do exatcly 3 chores today.

D2: Yesh. Will play my amazon. Pure lightning+infinity :cloud9:. I'm using Lightning strike 90% of the time, because the other skills are too overpowered. Have no facets though, so LI's are still abit of an obstacle. Not too bad.
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0-18, MAN, that is Fitzroy-like. Hope they get some good draft picks at the end of the year!! (may be a bit confused with sports here :p)

RL: Just purchased a new PC complete with vista (man was that a mistake). Job hunting in between recovering from an operation on the old plumbing (dont laugh). Luckily excessive alcohol consumption is not a requirement of said recovery, which atm is consisting mainly of:

D2: 3k runs into my 10k LK run project, only an Um to show, quite disheartened. Well that was about a week ago, I'm afraid to say I've succumbed once again to (as a couple of my RL mates have started playing d2 again).

Hardcore USwest is even more dead than I remember, but it has been a blast, currently have an 82 blind teleporter sorc running meph for gOsU iTAMZ and man, it is a thrill to actually feel scared porting the durance, and celebrating such memorable unique drops as Visceratuant and bloodfist!

If anyone wants to join for a game or whatever, chuck us a PM (Sorry for shameless plug, I'll just be off now..)
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Missed the daily yesterday. Too wiped out. Slept like eleven hours, though, so I'm feeling better. And I never knew omg lived in T-Dot. Cool.

RL: Finished day four of work for the week. Only one overnight shift left before we get switched to days! You can tell people stopped caring because ten of the eighteen people in my department showed up late. ...Include me in that statistic :wink: (though it wasn't my fault. I got short-changed buying smokes before work and had a ten minute argument with a clerk & manager before there was resolution)

I should clean my apartment. And because they're predicting snow tomorrow, I should do my out-and-about chores, too, since Texans don't know how to cope, let alone drive, with any frozen precipitation. Odds of either happening: about the same as the Nets winning a game. Burn!

D2: Not for a while. Weird; just as I was typing, I got a pop-up blocked at this site. Is it incgamers or do I have a virus? :spy:

OVG: Xenosaga. I'm 10+ hours in. I'd love to rant about some niggly little things, but it's been okay so far. Turn based RPGs can't ever be horrible.
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@TRM - That night/day transition is gonna suck. Best of luck with it.

RL: School. Got a date coming up... it's been a while, so I'm nervous as can be.

D2: Some more work on the fireblast only sin. She's in A3 normal and destroys absolutely everything. The low mana cost on FB is awesome.

OVG: wat?
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@Thy: I remember some time ago you invited everyone to make friends with WarlockCC. What was that about, and how did it work out? :D
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Todays exam is canceled so I have time to do other things than study :)

RL: My cousin comes home today, I haven't seen him quite some time so that brings us to...

D2: Yes. I guess MP with my cousin, perhaps few MP games if there will be anything today. Couple LK runs etc etc etc...
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RL: woke up at 5 to a horrible screeching noise, went back to sleep, woke up at 5:12 to a horrible screeching noise, went back to sleep, woke up at 5:17 to a horrible screeching noise, went back to sleep. . . Fast forward to 7:30: woke up to a prolonged horrible screeching noise and decided I better get up before I go insane. Got up, made coffee, shower, shave, ran some computer updates, fetched a cup of coffee.

Now: Coffee and forum

Upcoming: working on a resume for a job that I'm somewhat unqualified for: must do some careful massaging in hopes that I can impress (read: fool) someone into an interview. Yesterday, I got in touch with my oldest and dearest friend, and we were going to get together later this morning, but. . .

True to form, she's come up with some impediment to hanging out. She's been doing this bs for years, and it's part of the reason I haven't spent any time with her since I returned to TX. Now, her reason for the delay is, of course, perfectly reasonable, but I expect that the true reason has something to do with her husband and his feelings towards me.

He and I get along alright, but he's made it fairly clear that he sees me as a threat to his marriage, and has done everything in his power to prevent my friend and I from spending time alone together. It's not like she and I are ever going to be anythign more than good friends, but it's also not like he'll ever have the sort of connection with her that I do. So he friend-blocks me. Meh.

Oh well.

So who knows. I may go hang out with my friend, I may sit around here and play with my resume, and internet surf, and hulu, and beer drink, and the usual. Fingers crossed that I end up spending at least 3+ hours with my friend, especially since I'll be driving an hour each way to see her.

If she calls before noon, I'll go see her. If not, I'll say "Well, maybe some other time, then." And when she asks why I'm not coming I'll blame it on expected traffic problems and etc. And then I'll likely not contact her again until after the new year. Woo.

D2: What?
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RL: Outlining final exams for students and answering questions... no biggie today.

D2: Amazon finished Act I Hell without a hitch. Andy fell to plague javalins, and I got only a single blue item and the gems as her drop. I bet it was some bug. Never had a worse 1st drop from a boss. I'll try her again tonight and see if she's feeling more generous. Then I'll start in on the sorc.
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RL: Need to get it in gear and get some tasks done. Since the freezing raid/snow didn't materialize here like the weather forcasters predicted I'll have to go out and do them.

D2: Completed another 111 hell Meph runs. Had a HoZ and Titans drop on the same kill. At least d2 is giving me a choice on which character to make next.
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RL: Another wonderful day with grey skies and NO SNOW. Last day of the semester, so I'm pretty happy about that. No exams until the 10th - also happy about that. Sadly, I'm pretty damn tired right now. I wonder who's to blame. :thumbsdown:

And yes TRM, T-Dot. The city of fog.

D2: My schedule says I need to do 6 hours of catch-up today. That leaves a couple hours of Diablo 2, I guess.

OVG: Kicked up Eternal Sonata again. It's taking me some time getting used to it. :\
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RL: Not today. I postponed an increasing series of chores dogging me since the start of the week to play games.

D2: I was hoping for some MP, but NVM.

OVG: Just completed Half-Life: Source on Hard, as part of the pet project. I'm debating whether to start Opposing Force or install Max Payne.
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