Tips needed for untwinked metorb sorc


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Aug 24, 2006
Tips needed for untwinked metorb sorc

i have always played non-ladder and i am tired of all the people with ladder-only runewords and items while i do not have them. I have some, but to get the ones as easy as i would like them, it would be very expensive. i would rather move to ladder, which allows excellent freedom with the horadric cube. The merc runewords look appealing and the new builds possible are also appealing.

I was looking to make my next char a metorb sorc and wanted to see if it was going to take ages or if i could do it in reasonable time untwinked. I would like to use this char for running and getting junk to trade with and was wondering if there was a different sorc i should be using for this?
I have the guide to look at for end-game stuff but for the most part, I would like some tips on what to keep an eye out for and what to use. remember, i am a non-ladder player so some new runewords that i dont know about will be a great help. I see spirit, but it looks like monarch shields are the only ones that offer 4 sockets that are non-pally :cry:

Thanks in advance for any ideas and tips
I'm playing one now in Single Player. Your best bet is not to get rushed ... or if you do, go back and play the game normally. Of course, in SP you can play at p/8 and get all your drops ... unless you can find a full game of people you know (or know from these forums) you might miss out on some useful stuff. Playing solo on bnet makes the experience bar move at a crawl, so it's a toss-up.

For untwinked, I start out looking for 3 OS armor and hoarding topazes. I will only touch a gem shrine with a topaz in my inventory (unless I haven't found one yet, then I'll go back to that shrine when I do). My first 3 OS armor gets 3 of the best-grade topazes I have as soon as possible (even if just 3 chippies). And for a sorc, I generally put a skull and a sapphire in a 2 os hat. I also go shopping in the shops. And I pick up and ID the yellow items (and some of the blues) because the more MF you can wear will keep you finding decent gear to move you onward. When you have a decent mana pool and regen, you can change your headgear to something with 3 sockets PTopazed.

I'm sure someone will come along with Ladder runeword suggestions.

Also, every time I've got enough gold, I gamble. Keep things with resists plus MF. If you're killing and not dying, don't worry about loading up on +skills. Plenty of staves and orbs will drop (and there's always the shops for staves).

I hope this is helpful.

Oh, and the Meteorb is a great untwinked MFer.
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