Tips for HC noob


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Nov 20, 2004
Tips for HC noob

ive never played a char in hc and i was looking to start. anyone have any tips they could share from experience. All and any would be very much appeciated. thanks

Some people are probably eyeing up your post, about to toast you to pieces... look at the forum threads at the top, there are some nice posts. Read them. Good luck man, and welcome to HC :D
1. read Hardcore FAQ.

2. refrain from dying... without using maphack or chicken module... if you don't know what those are then great, you don't want to know.
1) Don't let your red bulb go empty.

2) If you do, just restart :)

3) Gems and Runes are your friend

4) Low level Runewords rock (go read up on them if you didn't know about them =)
A Stealth Breast Plate and Steel Flail can carry you pretty much through normal if you know what you're doing.
Thanks guys. I totally missed that thread on the top of the forum. *kicks self in butt*
1) Don't drink and drive.
2) Wendy's is so much better than McDonalds.
3) Mephisto is only cool if you spell it lvleplzisto.

oh, and...

Nightmare FE's pop really hard.
Preemptive advice when/(if) you die. Learn from it. :D

Oh yeah you need to read up on pking too, especially tppk and spotting the signs. Well you'll get a hang of it :). Good luck and may all your hell forges be good.

What realm will you be playing on? If its West i might be able to help ya out some what with questing or whatever
It is interesting that a question like this even comes up.

I don't play hardcore, plain and simple.

My softcore character (I only have one playchar on the current ladder so far) doesn't die. Ever. Except to "connection was interrupted", which I don't count into the official death records.

Softcore and hardcore are the same game.

So... if you want to play hardcore, play softcore first. Properly. A lot of people put the "if I die I press escape and I'm back in town" into their character builds, their playstyle, and sometimes I think it's in their keybindings as well. Which is something you need get out of your thinking before starting. If your build and your playstyle lead to a softcore character that doesn't die... then you can play hardcore, if you really want. I don't, but that's everyone's own decision.

If your character dies, find out why. Bad build? Bad playstyle? "Bad luck" isn't an option --- "luck" is a concept that only works in softcore: rush fullspeed around the next corner with -30 resists, with some luck there'll be no black soul bosspacks. You die in softcore, you figure out how to avoid that, and get that into your firmware (literally... most games are about making a lot of decisions in rapid succession, so you better do the right thing without looking it up in your notes)

You don't get a lot of chances like this in hardcore, since you not only loose the char, you loose the gear to make the char.

Of course, hardcore has another disadvantage: you don't get to see funny conversations like this...

player-a was killed by some-monster
player-a was killed by some-monster
player-b: lol... u noob
player-a was killed by some-monster
player-b was killed by some-monster
player-b: damned lag
player-b left the game

You really want to miss out on that? :)
Myrakh-2 said:
My softcore character doesn't die. Ever. Except to "connection was interrupted", which I don't count into the official death records.

Softcore and hardcore are the same game.

In hardcore, dying to "connection was interrupted" counts... sounds different to me. :D
Softcore and hardcore are the same game.

Hehe, gonna have to disagree with you on that one my friend :)

Imo, on HC if you die, you learn a LOT more from your mistakes because it is FINAL! Sure if you play SC with a HC mentality, which most people don't, it does help you to learn from your mistakes but you still don't lose your character which is the big difference maker in wanting to be more cautious and make/play your character better next time.

Another reason why Hardcore and Softcore are not the "same game" as you have said is imo hardcore is MUCH more challenging. Not only do you have 1 life but there are more threats in HC. The pkers are much more serious and there is also the chance of being tppked...yuck! Another reason hardcore is more challenging is the fact you lose ALL your gear if you die. Unless you get looted of course but some of the time you are not "lucky" enough to have a friend there. I could go on forever about the differences between HC and SC but I just thought I'd let you know I don't agree with you :)

I do not want to start a big argument with you on this, I'm just stating my opinion. I also think that most of the forum members will post back on this because I'm pretty sure most, if not all, believe that softcore is in a totally different ballpark than HC or they would all be playing SC :surprise:
I don't think "my softie character has never died so in reality it's a hardcore character" makes sense, especially when bad connection death's don't count! Yeah, I wish my season one barb's death didn't count, it would've saved me a lot of grief.

I'm not attempting to flame, but don't play hardcore yet you know everything about the hardcore experience?? I guess you'll keep your hardcore character in softcore and negate deaths blaming them on lag...
Hardcore is like softcore, except playing with other people on the realms will get you killed.

Unless you forgo playing with druids, sorces, necros, and zons.

Honestly, I'd either pick a solo-type character or stick with softcore. HCL was amazing right after 1.10 came out, but it's too much of a hassle, now.
My take on HC

1. Find a nice group of people - like GAT Europe.
2. Play without cheating (No hacks).
3. Game plays okay :)

Its simple really ...............

Oh and 1 more diff between SC / HC - even if you get loot, you still lose those lovely charms :)

(Of course you all knew that though).

Hum hum


My chars in this season


Mf-sorc lvl 89 cold/defencife
Ik-barb lvl 86
Summon necro lvl 83
Trapper assasin lvl 71
Li fury amazon lvl 67

Pvp chars:

Charger lvl 13 paladin ^^
Kicker lvl 15 assa
cs amazon lvl 18 (stripped stripper) ^^
kicker lvl 26 assasin
leaper 29 barb
zealer 39 lvl

Recently ripped chars:

lvl 48 leap attack barb, looted (fortunately only bad charms with him hehe exept 2 mastery, 3 combat skiller^^)

many months ago my 92 lvl summon ladder-runner necro ^^ got looted also :)

Hardcore is fun believe me ^^

especially the minute u reply "ups" after the death.... deadly silence in your own mind. :D

who dies in HC btw? me not- i am immortal - said and died during the chat.
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