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Apr 20, 2006

Hi there ppl, how is everyone? Thought id create the daily today :D

D2: Haven't been on D2 much this wk at all... Did my hours for Famke in the MFL3 Tournament & some leveling with Fich. He's still only cLvl95 though...

RL: My modem broke & had to be replaced (hence why I havent been on). If I have any unfinished trades/auctions that need to be finalized, please let me know asap & i'll get onto it-- i'm searching through the forums now to see what i've missed..

RL - work just hit a quit patch right now (literally 30min ago, as we finalised one of my ghost sites - sighn off and all!!). If we reach the end of this week, the end of the year have started as work will slow down dramatically.

D2 - Just about enough time for the 12 days of christmas tourny. I'm going to miss 2 days as I will be away over the weekend on some R&R. Hopefully I'll be able to push my fury wolf through hell next week. We'll see.

Hope you all have a good one

RL: Boring as usual. unemplyment sucks.

D2: leveling my ranged chantress. Wondering wether to go for FO as secondary attack to guardian her or just to dedicate her to andyruns as I intended.... My dentist is parked till I get another insight polearm for my merc. The only one I had died with my Blizz Sorc.
RL: surfed, slept, ate, travelled to a party for a bit

D2: got my hammerdin up to level 19, and still going!
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