thing I love about dueling.


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Apr 30, 2004
thing I love about dueling.

Today. I go in a game and hostile. Some guy was like "HAHAHA wanna duel nub?!?!" I was like sure. He brought in his lvl 25 paladin and...hostiled my 36.

He steped out. DEEDS. Leaves. Joins back with a lvl 94 hammerdin and says fine kill this. He then continues to bring in high lvl chars and insults me saying that I only duel at low lvls because Im poor. I say CRY MORE. But no hes not crying....he doesnt care about losing his paladin. Yet he keeps bringing in high lvls wanting me to duel.

Also I love it when people cry when they lose and say HAHAHA you only won because you juved!!!

I love that about lld/mld.
I wish you story had ended with "and then I killed his level 94 lammerdin"... It would have given me such pride just because I know you.

Oh well, can't have everything I suppose. He sounds like a pretty typical jackass.

Congrats on 1K, the first great milestone of poster...dom. Glad there is still some fun to be had in PvP here. =/

Of course I didnt duel his 94 hammerdin if yall got that lol. The funny part was him bringing all his high lvls because I killed him in the first place.

Ugh, I hate when that happens or when you see it happen.

Dueling is also so much better in HC because it's more of an accomplishment when you know you've permanently smoked someone :grin:
There was a funny episode in mld on europe a high lvl tppk sorc named google_earth came in and hostiled everybody, then a lvl 37 charger took her out 1 hit :) all laughed their asses off :)
59 Druid

I had a lvl 59 Druid dueler this season before i quit (back now been playing for 2 days now have a 73 sorc started hell mephing at 60 with negative resist 20% block and 557 life :shocked: ) with that 59 druid i took out 1 enigmadin lvl 87 i believe, and 2 enigma summun necros one was lvl 91 other was 89, eventually died to an enigmadin in a loot duel... had a good run i think :cool:
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