TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!


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Feb 26, 2008
TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

[highlight]Happy Birthday, TheReadMeance![/highlight] :congrats: :balloons:

Hope you have a great day today TRM (one NOT filled with blue screens of death, and molasses speed typing), as well as a healthy and happy year. :). Sorry for no wordplay with the title (aside from your name, of course, :p).

RL: Supposedly -5 tomorrow morning, so sleeping early to be able to enjoy the cold morning. (More snow, please?) After that, some lab work, studying for finals, and attempting to pull a presentation out of hammerspace. The usual stuff. I really want to start watching Seitokai no Ichizon too, but there's so little time. :(.

D2: Nope, although D2 the day before exams has led to Guardian #1, as well as a Jah rune (not to mention A's). :p.

OVG: Nexon better be doing unscheduled repairs tomorrow.

EDIT @ CM: :tongue:
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TRM Tuesdaily

TRM: Luckily for you your birthday fell on a Tuesday. Too hard to do alliteration on some other days(Menace Mondaily might work) Congrats on getting older. Now I hope your PC gets fixed. No Mac comments from me as its your birthday.:whistling:

RL: Work, all that stuff. Trying to get my boss to tell us what our holiday schedule is. Some people are going to have to work, but not sure how many, so we're all in limbo. Everyone else is local though, so I'm the only one who needs to make reservations.

D2: Frenzy barb, maybe some LK.

Also, congrats to Dr. Grisu.

Have a good day.
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

Happy birthday TRM. :)

I came, I merged, I left again.
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

Happy birfday TRM! Now go get some cake in the Bar!

RL: Probably nothing.

D2: Maybe something. More Countess runs with Epiphany, I suspect, and possibly take her through Act V as far as possible. I fear that one of the Ancients might spawn lite immune, so that will be...interesting.

OVG: Me and my brothers are locked in mortal combat over setting the course record for the skateboarding level of Spyro: Year of the Dragon. Yes, it is very obscure, but a good game - and a good minigame - nonetheless. (By the way, I have it by 1,250 points)
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Happy burfday TheReadMenance, you old goat, you!

RL: Some finals.
D2: Mayhaps.
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

Happy birthday, TRM! Hope you have a great day, where your co-worker's bf calls to say "It's all done - you can come get your PC"! :thumbsup:

RL: Don't know yet what to do - my mother will be here for a visit, but else...I'll see.

D2: Maybe some more progress with my obsession Amazon (one waypoint a day keeps the doctor away...I hardly manage more than one WP these times).
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Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

Heppy Barfday, TheReedMeanance! (;p) May your birthday be a damn sight better than your yesterday.

RL: Probably rent a movie and not watch it for a week.
D2: For sure.
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

TRM: May rest of your life be filled with joy :)

RL: Just got home from hospital with my grandmother. I drive her every day to get injection.
Still no winter here, I wish it would snow. Or that temperature drops below zero.. The weather is strange last few years. Maybe those people in Kopenhagen will figure it out :(

D2: Yea. I becomed obsessed more and more with my fishy. Getting close to anicents.
must... not ... think.. about ... playing :-/

OVG: what the heck is OVG?

edit: "One waypoint a day, keeps doctor away" is such a great proverb Grisu :D
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@Grisu, apparently one waypoint a day didn't keep you from becoming a doctor :D

@TRM: Happy birthday!

RL: Going to a friends house to play this cool non-video game with him and his GF. Martial arts in the evening, if I'm not lazy.

D2: Perhaps some. Too little time for that the last few days.

OVG: Most likely not.
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Happy birth day TRM

RL: Really sick, luckily no class today but exams are on their way so need to study. Studying is real pain even if i'm healty, it is unbearable when i'm sick.

D2: Some LK, not much.
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

@Grisu, apparently one waypoint a day didn't keep you from becoming a doctor :D

Maybe that's his secret :scratchhead:

Pretty please with sugar on top, will someone tell me what OVG is. :newhere::rolleyes:

edit: thanx Tomh :) .. there's no other video game than Diablo 2 in my life :grin:

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Happy Birthday TRM! Don`t go easy on the alcohol tonight:)

@Grisu: Fantastic rhyme!

RL: Work followed by libanese food followed by D2.

D2: Started another character yesterday, a singer, and it is extremely safe so far. Probably going to gain the last two levels to get Warcry today and start singing my way through the game.

@N00b above:) OVG=Other Video Game
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Happy birthday TRM, don't get drunked too fast :whistling:

RL:Work, work, and again work...I'm really busy this week and thats bad news for me, because only 11 days is remaining to competition...I've still planned last heavy training on Friday...

D2:Nope, no way this week :coffee:
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

RL: Same as yesterday... finals and rain. Got a Xmas tree, but not the will to set it up yet. Will probably be on my "honey do..." list when I get home.

D2: I gave up on the paladin for now... he's really too fragile to go after Andy on Hell difficulty as of yet. I need to figure out how to help him out, but for now I'm taking a break and getting my necro through the act. He's pretty quick and is one of the only characters who has anywhere decent levels of MF.

Some advice to those studying for finals. Get some rest. I had one guy yesterday for calc 1 who studied for three hours before his final. He couldn't even think about what he was doing. Brains need rest too. Don't pound them into submission trying to learn stuff you're supposed to have learned over the last 10 or 15 weeks and couldn't. What makes people think the last three hours are going to be any more productive than the previous 10 weeks?
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Happy B-Day TRM! Have a good one! (and I hope you can sort out your PC problems)

RL: I was able to do quite a lot yesterday (finishing reports etc). But today it's rather slooow. I should really get my act together and do some more work.

D2: Played a little, and I might play some more in a while. I shouldn't really :whistling:
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Happy Birthday TheReadMenace

RL: It's probable. Trying to adjust my sleep cycle so I can get up real early Thursday morning to take a 400 mile road trip through blizzard affected areas. :thumbup:

D2: The Mephicide continues. I'm debating wether to clean up my meph kill stash and organize the items into their respective unique/set/rare/etc stashes or to keep it all in the meph kill stash to show all of the goodies he's dropped.
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Happy Bday TRM :) Hope you have a nice party :)

RL : Working, school, walking the wife's dog, waiting to go to the dentist cause i know he will want to pull my wisdom tooth.

D2 : Finished my 3th set of HF rushing, and while i had tremendous luck in my first one ( 3x gul ) i had a terrible run this time ( 3x hel, 2x Lem Wtf ! ). So i will have to rush probably two more sets till i can make me my death sword :( With the runes from the first three rushes, i can make me a CtA and a duress though, so i am happy :) Once i also got my death colossus sword, i will start playing my Zealot ! \o/ About time i can put this rushing behind me and play trough the game normaly.

ovg : not much realy.
Re: TheReadMenace Tuesdaily~!

Happy birthday, TRM. Enjoy.

RL: The flu finally got me. I had to put it off for the weekend and monday, since my daughter had her birthday party and my father his retirement celebration monday. So now I have a few days of just working, and here we go (down).

D2: When I can't read anymore, I might. Glad I don't play HC.
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