The unguild guild

Aug 27, 2021
I'm looking for a few HC players that want to join up at launch (or Carebear). We'll try assist each other to progress in the game, stuff like that. You play your way solo or teamed up that's up to personal preference.
Years ago, umm over a decade atleast, we played this way.
We had no leader, no committee. We could safely drop items in game to mule and nobody would steal. We always set loot rights to each other to try and rescue the gear on a death. Really, I don't even know if we can loot each others corpses btw. (i need to look into that)
The game has progressed alot since D2 but core values remain.
If that sounds right up your alley i'll setup a chat thingy on Battlenet and we can go from there.

Oh yah, I'm EST but any time zones will work.
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