The Uber Reaper Walks the Earth...


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Sep 15, 2005
The Uber Reaper Walks the Earth...

I got side-tracked by real-life for a while, so it is taking a little longer to finish him and the guide for him. If anyone had been interested in this build I went off to create I'll be posting a guide soon. The Uber Reaper is now level 89 and has all of his gear except his rings and 3 summon GCs. I am taking him to level 92. I suffered a minor setback tonight when a plain nec summon GC disspeared... what kind of idiot wastes his time duping plain nec summon GCs?

Anyway, this thing really works amazingly well. It really "feels" like this is what a summon nec was meant to be in this game... and the power of his army is just amazing. I've always used summon necs as my "main guy" and the Uber Reaper is just in a different league than any of the ones I have ever made before. I doubt I'll ever make a "normal" summon nec again. He is so fun.

The guide is mostly written already, I just want to get him to level 92 and actually do Uber Trist with him once before finishing the strategy/"how to use this guy" section before I post it.
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