The true story of Doug, Man of Zod

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Aug 27, 2004
The true story of Doug, Man of Zod

Hi folks. This is going to be one long, fun post, so sit back and enjoy the career of DougTheHead2!

The Beginning
I started with 1.10 classic, no patch nothing. I bought it the DAY it came out. A single paladin emerged, and fought hard through about level 45, Act 3 NM. As you might guess, the game was getting irritatingly hard. I ended up putting the game down for a looong time and playing High Heat 2001 until I got to a (slightly) better computer and had LOD in my hands. I played through it with a few chars, never beating Hell becuase I was still placing stat/skills haphazardly random. Then, with the discovery of the internet and, I learned of some builds that would be fun AND powerful to play. Tu-blaad, my sword frenzier, became my first ever (and only) Pat and MF'er. I learned to love the SPF, with the grizzled Greybeard modding, fighting arthritis pain to continue his pally builds, and watched ATMA grow from a simple text hackeditem detector tool to a full fledged muling app. However, with the death of the forums, and the motivational issues attached to being a lazy sumbitch, I never made another account and eventually moved on to Age of Empires II exp.

The Return
I put the game down once again for about a year, and then decided to give ti another whirl with some TCP/IP play with my best friend 2000 miles away. He downloaded patch 1.10, and I was like, NOOOO, stay in 1.09 like me, as I had no desire to leave 1.09 and all my unfinished chars and grail. However, he insisted on trying it. So, Irish_Goatmastr and Scarydude, a Fire summoner and a trangs/melee skeleemancer were born. They fought through the whole game, with myself the druid at first pwning everything, and in Hell, having to rely on him for most of the kills. We got to the point that I had never passed, the Halls of Vaught to look for Pindle. See, I have 2 chars that could beat Baal now, but they are content to MF without the peril of death.

The Companion
This guy (lets call him Vincent, well, becuz thats his name) is one of the luckiest bastards I have ever met. Lady luck seems drawn to his Italian aura. He has been my best friend since I was in teh 6th grade, so being 24 now that puts it.... i dont know, a LONG time. This guy does not know much about the game. I sent him ATMA, and he was a kid again, opening up his first Sega Genesis at age 8. I guided him in what chars and skill combos actually worked, and he took off, using a barb to get to Hell and conquer Baal. During the time we couldn't play, he would MF. I never asked him where, but I found out not long ago he has done Baal exclusively. He sends me over a stash to FARA it, because he can not get the program to work. I see in his stash EIGHT tc87s. I was aghast, amazed, jealous, awestruck. This guy, who did not even know why sometimes his char died in one hit (the FE bug), who didn't know there were runewords until I told him, who knows sooo little about the game but loves to play it and plays it well, had 3x the EU's that I did. His list: a Mang Song's, a Steelrend, an Astreons, a Griffons Eye (14/15!), Cranium Basher, Death's Web, and a Steel pillar! READ THAT LIST AGAIN!!!! OMFG! He never even told me he found these, becuz HE DIDNT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE! They were just uniques he didnt have before. Other notables include 2 azurewraths, a SoJ, a BKWR, both mighty scepters, Nightwings veil... I could go on with some tc3's and the like, but you get the point. THE GUY IS BLESSED BY THE HAND OF GOD! He has huge gaping holes in his grail, he would need like 275~ for his grail, but he sure can find the rare ship! Ignorance is bliss, but also an MF super bonus!

Ok, I have been really hating my druid. He rox up to Hell, and then sux it hard. I have max block, good res, but I die too dam often, while he charges in and doesnt! Anyway, we are at the point of the Ancients, something we had planned to do last weekend, but fate conspired against us (ok, it was wives, but oh, the sweet irony of our misplaced anger!) We rock the ancients, not ONE bad mod among them, no bad aura/cursed/FE. Easy. OK, so, this is the first time ever I step into the WSK in 1.10. I have a strangle exhiliration running though me, the fear of the unknown, and the fiery desire to conquer. We find the stairs relatively quickly, and my partner indicates we should go down. I type to him that it is a level 85 area, so we should clear it for exp and items. We no more than pass to the other side of the stairs when we are set upon by 2 boss packs, a Ghoul Lord and Dark Lancer pack. Our guys handle them easy, when at this point, I notice something amazing. A ZOD RUNE is lying on the ground! I pick it up, shocked, and just move away, firing another volcano. My friend goes, what was that? Evidently he had tried to pick it up, but had his stash full. I reply... "CALL ME NOW!!!" We then go to town, where, with one eye open, I push 'i' to see if it really is in my invenotry... HOLY FECES! MUCH DANCING IN THE ENDZONE! We conclude that he got the kill, but it was I who lead us to the kill, and being that I had it in my stash and the host(BWAHA) we decide a joint ownership is necessary. A time-share, if you will. We will search for the most badass weapon ever existing, and make a BotD, BABY! :winner:

Funny stuff
I am 182 items away from a full grail. I am mising most tc3s, I have 25 elite uniques, and only 6 of the 27 class ones. I have 1 facet, and no Gheeds. I have never found a Steelgoad, or a Hellclap, but I have found a Vex, a Windforce, a +2 Arkaines... some good stuff, but never did I expect to find this. We are assuming it dropped from a Dark Lancer Minion, whose chances to drop said ZOD are ONE IN 37,638,509! I mean, Vex in NM cows is rare, this is the highlight of my random generated number life!

The conclusion
I have never thought once of owning a Zod. Its funny like that, I had never thought of having a Windforce before it dropped. I have longed for an arreats, a stormshield, an IK or tals armor... but none of those yet. I have such a long way to go in Diablo 2 still.


They dont exist!

Hehe, well done, Doug. I'm going to go and stick pins in a small model of you now ;) !
You don't have Steelgoad, yet you have a Zod?

H4X!!! :teeth:

Nah, just joking with you. :) Congrats on the find, man! Settle for nothing less than the best for that BotD (make it a superior ethereal item) because you may never see another.

Congrats again! :thumbsup: BTW, if you ever want to trade it for that elusive know where to find me, yeah? :D

Awesome man. Although even if I did find one (which I never will because I have the worst luck ever period) I'd never find the wpn I'd want to put it in. Anyways congrats and enjoy it to the fullest.
Wow, that's awsome luck. Now just need the weapon -> run the Pid couple of 100 times, you will get it.
Doug - major congrats! And thanks for the great write up as well.

At first I found it quite funny because I think we started this game the same. My first char was a Frenzier that got to Hell in Classic. But I dopped the game for about 6 months for High Heat BBall! Then came back and never left. I guess a Zod is in my future!
Way to go, Doug! A Zod...I'm not even sure that the much fabled SOJ really exists, and you're talking about Zod...

lucky bastard

At least you don't have my MF luck. Just drop the M and you have the idea...
Congratzz!! Great write up Doug :thumbsup:

Now get that lucky friend to join the SPF. Can't have enough good mojo around here! ;)
Congratulations on the incredible find! :) I have never been lucky with high runes but mid and mid-high are good to me. What TC3 you missing?

Next Zod get a screenshot! :rolleyes:
What??? You don't have a steelgoad???? You teh n00b!!!11 :D :p


Gratz. That's an awesome find.
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