The story of Doug, The Fool

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Aug 27, 2004
The story of Doug, The Fool

Well, lets just get it over with. The few people that had a problem with my "zod" were correct. An unlikely drop turns out to be just a dream. Of course, a corollary is that the unlikely Vex is also a dream.

Ok, so my friend did this and won't admit it. You know what? I'm not going to press him. No matter what he tried to do, or his motives for doing it, he is still my friend, and cornering him with this evidence seems counterproductive. I could go on again about what this friend has meant to me, but I would just be beating a dying horse. He has been a stand up guy, but in this he made a mistake. He has always been frustrated that I give him items and dont take any, and that I must see it drop in the game to pick it up. I can only think he was trying to circumvent this and give me a gift. However, this gift hurts. But I'm going to get over it, and I hope the SPF isn't tarnished as well. The congratulatory posters have all been had just like me, and I sincerely apologize to them for this.

Suffice it to say, I am a little downtrodden at the moment. The HoTo I have is illegit now, which is to be deleted. However, more troubling is that I MF'd with it for a while with my sorc on Mephy. I used it for a couple of days, found nothing worthwhile except an occulus, which then became her weapon and the HoTo returned to the fire druid. My reaction to this is going to be: nothing. I could not help it, and to destroy my grail like that would be more painful than quitting the game. I never found an uber item with it, well unless you count occulus, but enough harm has been done to me than to try and figure out what my sorc found and delete it. Besides, I am likely to find many more copies of all the items I have before I find a REAL zod.

So, a very embarassing, shameful episode in full light of the public and people's opinion whom I strive for respect. Thanks to the support I am getting, and to others who are holding their tongues. I am going to step back for a while, but I am not leaving. For now, the spirit of D2 still burns, albeit noticably less bright, and this is the best place to talk about Diablo there is on the internet.
I was a bit harsh in your other thread and I think I was the first to post that I did not buy it or something.

Anyways. You show quite a lot of character by telling what you just did. I am absolutely convinced no one here will hold it against you in any way. Take a short break if you must from these forums, but I dont think it is needed.

And on your friends motives... its hard to understand for many what it means to be 100% legit, and how that alone defines the fun you have in the game.
Hmm, I don't understand. What exactly has your friend done? Did he try to fool you and drop a hacked zod on the ground during a fight or something? In another thread I just read that it was from 1.09... But this is sad! I feel sorry for you! :( I thought that you really found that zod, which would have been great!
'best intentions' is carved on the first step down the slippery slope....

oh well. sorry for the fake runes dude.
IMHO the Meph drop of oculus is a fair find despite the bad HoTO.

well keep on playing....
I'm sorry to hear this Doug. I think just about everyone on the forum is skeptical about Zod drops these days. The fact that you got so few accusations in the original thread actually speaks pretty highly of your reputation here. I'm glad that the matter was resolved with a minimum of flaming, even if the ultimate "too good to be true" drop proved to be just that. How disappointing for you.

gg, especially gg on not pressing the issue with the friend. Doubt if anyone here will press the issue further if anyone tries i'll pounce on 'im and so long as you accept your limitations on trading with the 'suspect' items, then all is well and good.

This should be a landmark case in seeing something like this solved peacefully and amicably, and i'd think a lot has to do with the way you've shown yourself as a sincere and honest member, especially in posts in the Beacon.

There's no substitute for real character. :)

<=====*Zod Story*
*My Head*​
All that just went over my head, what did your friend do? Don't know how other people understood that, maybe it's an SP experience thing. Thanks in advance for any clarity.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your Zod and Vex, you're doing the right thing now. Continue to do the right thing, as far as your other items and characters go, and you'll always be welcome here.
are you sure the vex is fake too? =\ that sucks but i will not hold it against you, **** happens get over it, lets just hope for the day you can actually come around and say you have a zod :)
You must load that rune onto a floppy disk, and fling that disk into the fires of Mount Doom! :teeth:
Well you still have my respect Doug. :thumbsup:
Now keep posting in our thread (days of our lives) mate! Ciya!
You must load that rune onto a floppy disk, and fling that disk into the fires of Mount Doom!

Indeed. The Enemy seeks the Rune of Power, and it cannot stay in Rivendell. Or something like that. The Fellowship of the Rune...I see another trilogy here! :lol:

Anyway, I don't see where you did anything wrong here. Even your friend didn't do anything wrong, really. I mean, sure, it seems he cheated, but it really is only a video game...I'd hope this doesn't compromise your friendship. Definitely a mature, standup thing to do, to come out and lay it all down like this. You get a :thumbsup: from me for sure.
Malachi said:
Anyways. You show quite a lot of character by telling what you just did. I am absolutely convinced no one here will hold it against you in any way. Take a short break if you must from these forums, but I dont think it is needed.

I agree 100%. I don't think you need to disappear from the SPF for any reason. I, for one, always enjoy reading your posts and have trusted your motives and your scruples. I'm sorry to hear both that your Zod wasn't legit and that your friend isn't either, but I guess not everyone views the game in the same way. But seeing that you come here in full light and not try to justify your Zod find in any way and fully admit what happened to the rest of us shows not only how much you respect us, but how much you respect yourself as well. I certainly wouldn't hold it against you if you kept the Occy or whatever else you may have found with your HoTo, because your only crime here was trusting your friend, and I don't see any harm in that even if you get burned now and again. At least now you know and have learned from the truth and you were stand up enough to tell us about it.

Best of luck finding a real Zod, Doug, and please don't let this incident keep you away from the SPF. We'd miss you here, buddy. :)

I'm actually surprised that you're getting this much support, but to each his own.

A lot of people, when confronted with evidence of illegitimacy, instantly turn to their "friends." I've seen this happen on more than a few occasions. It might be true, it might not, but most will give you the benefit of the doubt, since there's no way of proving whether or not this person existed at all. I'll be blunt; I don't believe it.

The fact that you don't trade or mp just means that it's excusable, but it certainly doesn't make it legit in any way. And to put it a step further, I'm not ever going to view you as a legitimate player, and it doesn't matter if you start over from scratch or not. People can say that what you do on your own computer is your business, I'll agree, but the fact that there have been and are so many people on these forums who have shown suspicious activity makes it even more clear why trading in these parts can be risky.

I'm in no way a purist, because I'm sure at least a few of the items I've traded for had come from shady origins, but I'm just making some things clear. There will be members here who will shun you entirely for things like this. There will also be those who will support your position. It is a game, but what are games without rules?

That being said, staying or leaving is your choice. It makes no difference to me.
wow, a little harsh there.

He didn't do the duping. He didn't even accept it from someone who was a duper. He found it. If he had known it was a dupe, he would have messed with the atma read out.

If anything, this shows me how committed Doug is to playing legit. He is deleting the Hoto (or already did).

Tough call, but the right call to make. Kinda reminds me of the "ber" fiasco on the trade thread, only this one wasn't someone blatently taking advantage of someone else.

Doug, keep the occulus. Or, figure out what the odds of your finding it were without the extra MF, and then calculate whether or not you would have found it. 40% MF isn't that much.

Anyway, don't leave over getting burned. Some of us at least support you.
A big gg to you man. I believe you 100% that you didnt do it. The 'friends' excuse/reason that is used a lot when a suspicious item is found but it wasn't like your friend just appeared into the story when questions were raised about the Zod.
I believe ya Doug :thumbsup: So don't worry about it at all. We all get burned sometimes. Just such a shame you got burned this this though :(
Sorry to hear about it Doug, be sure that this incident doesn't change the good opinion I (and many other forumites, as shows in the previous replies) have of you, that's not something many people can say ;)
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