the return/resurrection/viability of burizon?


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Oct 5, 2004
the return/resurrection/viability of burizon?

how viable are the old-skool burizons of old now?

like the old-skool:

string/verdungos (to update with patch)
ias gloves
gore riders

do these builds still own? i mean they probably suck in pvp with so many 40/15 zons but would they do decently in pvp despite the crapload of bm the buriza might create?

thanks in advance for answers.
I personally like Buriza strafers. The bonus with them is that they're slow enough to take advantage of the NextDelay that strafe imposes on how many strafe arrows can hit a single target in a timespan. Its negative is how long you stay in strafe-lock.

Ever since I made my WWS strafer hybrid, I've been addicted to the speed of WWS, so the buriza will be a thing of the past for me.
i was kinda thinking of using multishot like old-skoolers in 1.09 did...

EDIT: does the guided arrow 8-pierce still work with buriza?
1) Guided arrow no longer pierces, ever

2) Resistances are infinitely more important than damage reduction in 1.10. A few stray mage shots in act5 will cream any bowazon who has negative resistances. You should not even get hit by physical damage in the first place if you have valk + merc
Buriza sucks, get over it.
Get a wf, its cheap and the "best" bow in the game.
Buriza=slow=dead zon
cheap meaning worth only 2 hi runes which, considering the fact i can't even get two hi runes means the buriza is pretty much my only resort.

unless someone wants to give me a wf :)
stratocasterfury said:
cheap meaning worth only 2 hi runes which, considering the fact i can't even get two hi runes means the buriza is pretty much my only resort.

unless someone wants to give me a wf :)

a wf costs an um on most servers
And um is easy to get so, yeah its pretty cheap considering its the best bow besides some godly rare that will cost a fortune anyways.
would something like a homonuculus or occy (or both) be worth an um? i have a spare one, along with other stuff like glad's bane, ribcracker, ik maul, stuff like that.

for zon would a vampgaze or a shako work better? i was thinking just use vampgaze and um it later on but i'm unsure...
For a pure cold only nothing but ice freezing chilly frost maiden I still consider the Buri unbeatable. Freezing Arrow negates the speed issue if used correctly and the inherent pierce frees up valuable synergy and Valk points. An upped Buriza, despite its increased str req is even better. For everything else (with the possible exception of a switch weapon for a pure fire zon) there are much, much better choices.

As for Shaftstop, don't even bother. Up it and give it to your merc, other than that it's useless. Duriel's Shell is much more useful and is probably the cheapest of the many options you have here. There are quite a few runewords that are very useful including, but not limited to, Duress, Smoke and Gloom.

Use Gaze and Ears for leech if you must, but I would take a Kira's Guardian anyday over a Gaze. Delirium is very useful to a bowazon for all its crazy crowd control mods so long as you open a tp as soon as you morph or you will be one dead zonny.

Ravenfrosts are still useful for AR but leech rings with resists are better.

You still can't beat Laying of Hands for dealing with demons and providing IAS. But there are other options out there for different purposes.

I cannot see any negatives with Gore Riders for any build that deals physical damage of any kind, but there are other boots depending on your needs.

I would rather use a Chromatic Amulet of the Vampire or Lamprey than Highlords. Of course a Mara is better again.

Even with maxed, stacked, resists elemental damage done in 1.10 can still kill very, very fast especially from Wisps (Gloams, Souls etc.) and Achmel's poison. This is one of the reasons that WWS is so popular now. Sacrifice it at your own risk. And, as already mentioned by someone else, if you are getting hit (and therefore require DR) you need to change your playstyle or the evil denizens of Sanctuary will be picking blonde hair from between their teeth for weeks.
I agree with the above guy in saying that by using a buriza for FA build you no longer need to consider MAD ias because it not gonna be of help so you can use different equipment focusing of damage modifiers/resist/skill levels.
15ias shako is probably the best choice for pvm since it provides alot of useful mods.
Gaze is useless cept for resist and bowazons don't really need that much dr anyways, especially if you have KB.

IMO, best pvm bowazon is a strafer with some FA, in which case a faster bow is needed.
Best pvm ammy = atma's scarb
psn resist, 5%amp**, and 20% bonus AR
amp+strafe = all monsters owned, and that not even factoring in ds/cs
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