The no Sundaily Sundaily!


Oct 13, 2003
The no Sundaily Sundaily!

I am really not the person to be doing this but on all days of the week, surely there MUST be a daily on a sunday - no?

RL: 3 exams next week, just got home from a football game which was cancelled after 55mins due to to many fights on the pitch. We were playing a rival university whom we had already beat 5-3 in the previous game. Things got heated to say the least. Furthermore Tottenham scored 9 (!!!) goals against Wigan in the English Premier League today, Jermain Defoe netted 5 of those, and my beloved Arsenal lost to Sunderland yesterday - life just isn't fair.
Now I am sat here contemplating when to give up studying and what for. I think it will be soon and for some seriously unhealthy fast food... Its a gut feeling anyway :wink:

D2: Trying to sort out my mysterious 1.07 stash going empty, if it turns out there is no way to get that stuff back I will be somewhat upset.. The pride of that stash currently being a 1.07 Jalal's, so nothing ubar (at least for all you 1.13 players) but finding uniques in 1.07 is a struggle, and that pelt made my day yesterday!
Might go back and do some more bloodraven runs later tonight. Really shouldnt though!


ps. was going to name it the Spurs Sundaily but I seriously dislike that team so I went with something else :thumbup:

EDIT: And of course, CONGRATULATIONS to all the nice finds - always fun to see another high-end runeword or a zod in the forum! GG guys!
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

This week a friend of mine gave me all dragonball Z episodes. No need to mention that I watched them all :)
It's like 4/7 days in week were only dbZ.
It was good, so I'm searching something else to fill my time while he gets me GT :badteeth: Any suggestions?
Today my father has 50th birthday so partytime ^^

D2: Nah. I'm still chilling from it. I hope that in a week I'll have more will to play it again.
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

@gedda: I saw followed that match on the BBC... spurs absolutely thumped wigan.

@frozzen: Have you seen any of the Dragonball Kai episodes? It's a little toned down from the japanese version of Dragonball Z, but the story goes a long at a much better pace, imho.

RL: Finally got my server up and running. Just working on sorting a few more things out on it, running some more updates, etc. Also working on getting my dev rig up and running.

D2: I'm going to try and install it within Linux today to see how it runs. Shouldn't be any problems, but it would be nice to go from dev to gaming right away instead of the couple minutes it takes to restart into windows.
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

RL: Well. I tied me one on last night. Woke up at 10 looked at some graffiti stuff. Went back to bed about 12:30, slept until 3:45. Now I'm up and . . .

Maybe some house cleaning. Food (x2). A shower/shave (or just a shower, or neither). That's about it. Probably some hulu. Maybe some NaNo (probably should; I haven't written anything since Friday). If I shower, I might pop out for some groceries; if not I'll save that for the morrow. Yep.

D2: Hummm. There's an idea.
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

RL: Work, work, work, workj, wrok, wojre, etc..

D2: Well, I need something to distract me when I'm taking a break. That'd be questing my summoner.
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

@gedda-d-e: Best of luck next week on the exams. Never really got into sports much (ironically, I work part time as a volleyball referee), so I have no idea what the rest of your post is saying. :crazyeyes: I hate it when my friends go "hey, let's play guess the team name: New York's ______?" and I'll say something like "Bears" and they get all get some kicks out of that for some reason.

@frozzzen: What else do you like to watch? [edit] Oda (author of One Piece) actually sourced Dragon Ball as an inspirational influence, so maybe you could give it a try. There are some similarities between Dragon Ball and OP. It starts off slow, but it's great (awesome fight scenes and story arcs) once you get into it. =D

RL: School work.

D2: To finish matting/patting: Hammerdin, Hybridzon, Daggermancer, Fishysin, Strafer, Blizzsorc, Titan Fury Druid, Mastery Barb. To start: Revivomancer remake, Fishyzon remake, Lightning trapper (bleh... they seem fun... everyone that joins my MP games has one), Shockwave Summoner. Decisions, decisions. :scratchchin:
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Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

frozzzen: 300 episodes in a week? :crazyeyes: You could become a One Piece lover like omg, or go down the line of stuff like Soul Eater, FMA, D.Gray-man, TTGL, etc. Like omg says, depends what else you like and what you've seen of course.

RL: Studying.

D2: Hybridzon made 91 today, but mostly just LK.
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

i'm up for a few hours of something, if you're still on (UK i assume from 'wigan'...(booo :p))
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RL: Woke up really late:whistling: Watched newest Top Chef. Watched some football. Ate some Chinese from a new place in town. Not too bad, but still too Westernized. I have to drive about 45 minutes to get true Asian style Chinese, but I keep hoping a good one will open nearer to me.

D2: Patted my IK barb. Working an assassin toward her Hell HF, at which point she will be remade, as she is a failure at this point. Attacking one monster at a time with an underpowered attack kind of sucks. She is in Act III, and I can only take one waypoint at a time with all the flayers about. May do some Countess runs, or I may not. Dunno
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@omg: Not every one that joins your MP games has a lightning trapper. I don't. Always sounded like a light sorc without teleport (not that that would be a problem for you) to me, and CE doesn't make up for that for my tastes.

RL: Indeed.

D2: Working on a new character. Assuming my plan works out, it should be quite interesting.
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

RL: I've had severe squid troubles today, it's been at my steam account, AND the forum. I eventually got the steam customer service to send in an anti-squid squad, but it was still a pain in the backside.
Anyone else had trouble with the forum today?

D2: I doubt it. Because...

OVG: I bought Borderlands today, and Dragon Age yesterday. No D2 for a while, then *whistles*
Re: The no Sundaily Sundaily!

I bought the Orange box today(sunday). It's all done downloading now. Awsum!
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