The new true Frost Zealot mini guide?


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Jul 7, 2003
The new true Frost Zealot mini guide?

This is just a little post that might change the way the frost zealot is build for the not too too poor. To me a frost zealot should be about killing with cold and always has been. Other builds are about a HF aura with CB doing all the work and I never liked that. To me CB is for Bosses here, the rest is all cold (or maybe some lightning for a varient).

STR-gear (Can be very low if you use enigma)
Dex-max block
Vit-the rest

Prereqs 7 points
Holy Freeze-20
Resist Cold-20
Holy Shield-1+
Resist Lighting-0 or 20

Weapon-Voice of Reason PB. End game weapon at lv 54. -24 cold res, good damage to help leaching, CNBF, CTC frozen orb and Ice blast. It's perfect.
Switch-I'll recommend Heavens Light preferablly with 2 shael. This is to give you some CB to take down act bosses with. And + skills to buff HS.

Shield-A perfect shield would be a rare with +2 pally and +2 offenisve with def and res (good luck at finding it). So we look to any of the following. Hoz, Exile, +2 skill rare (all boost cold damage the same) it's a matter of choice. The other option is a dream shield. If you put 20 into RL for syn and cold immunes. Remember this is your highest str item.

Boots-I love Tearhauch for the Vigor and the other nice stats. Other options are all the standards that add stats and res. But I like to run fast.

Gloves-You need 13 ias to reach 5 fps and this is where I get it. Lavagout (Ar, res), Sanders (life) or Laying of hands (Damage and Res) are the obvious choices. Rares with 20 Ias and need stats work as well.

Helm-Nightwing Veil with a cold facet is the perfect helm. Dex +Cold damage +2 skills and Cold absorb. Andy's is an incredible second choice and frees your IAS gloves spot to wear what ever you like. Shako works well as well and you could use a dream helm. Cold facet is the socket of choice.

(Note-using 2 dreams will likely cripple your cold damage unless you fully add charms. One dream is an effect immune killer and damage booster)

Armor-Enigma is my choice for the +2 skills, FRW, DR, Plus str, Damage adds mana (no leach needed), Tele...The only other really great armor choice is COH. +2 skills, DR, +65 res, +LL, ED, + 20 str.

Belt-Spider if you're super rich but I like String of Ears here for some more DR and LL. Credium is another good choice as it frees stat points and gives nice res. Verdungo is another good option. The other cool option is a lv 20 blizzard snowclash. With your gear it can actually kill.

Ammy- +3 offensive with life or LL is a great choice. Also mara and any Seraph or rare +2 are good choices.

Rings- If you can afford 2 BK rings awesome. If not look to +stats +res and LL.

Charms- Torch and anni if possible (these help a lot. Low one are totally fine you want + skills) Offensive pally charms are what you want. And they are not priced to the moon like combat charms. If you can get life ones great, if not no problem. Try to get 5-6 of these. For small charms make up res and FHR holes you have.

Act 2 either blessed aim (even with infinity I like this) or def are my choices. Might works too if you want to use brute damage as an immune killer.
Infinity-lowers res, breaks many immunities does huge damage
Eth COH-stacks res, +20 str, DR, LL important if you use CV infinity. If you don't need str then eth Fort or eth Treachery are nice.
Helm-If CV need str helm of some kind. If not LL, DR and IAS are what you want.

So what kinda damage will you do?

+17 skills Cold Damage: 604 - 610 (?607.5)
Cold Damage To Attack: 3024 - 3051 (?3037.5)
+3 ammy, +2 armor, +2 helm, +2 shield, anni, torch, 4 Off GC.

Now remember your weapon lowers enemy res by 24% and your merc adds -85% and helm maybe -3-5. Plus you're spaming a lv 20 ice blast and lv13 frozen orb. You're also adding say 15% damage from your helm. So monster are mostly sitting at -100 res and taking around 7000 cold damage per hit. As well as moving at 40% normal speed.

Now if you're super rich what can you do?

+25 skills Cold Damage: 820 - 826 (?823.5)
Cold Damage To Attack: 4104 - 4131 (?4117.5)

Now you are at 9,500 cold damage per hit.
+3 ammy, +2 armor, +2 helm, +2 shield, anni, torch, 7 Off GC spider, 2 bk.

If you go poor waht can you do?

+10 skills Cold Damage: 415 - 421 (?418.5)
Cold Damage To Attack: 2079 - 2106 (?2092.5)

Tossing out you're mercs infinity has some impact but you're still not too bad.
You'll do over 2500 damage with no nightwing or facet. With one you'll be up to 3000 per hit.

+3 ammy, +1 armor, +2 helm, +2 shield, 2 Off GC.

For playing style you're ok just about anywhere. You're almost impossible to swarm with your aura on as things move so slow. You do great damage and your orb plus possible blizzard are great mob control spells.
you freeze them and they freeze you... you have no cbf, or I am so stupid that I didnt see it..

also I wouldnt agree that only good armors are enigma and CoH, what about duress - res, cb, ow, ed, extra cold dmg etc...

Imo there should be cheaper eq choises too, it seems to be pretty much around what you used, but as you said: This is just a little post that might change the way the frost zealot is build for the not too too poor

No offence mate its good to see that people are making things on the different way..

what about duress - res, cb, ow, ed, extra cold dmg etc...

No plus skills which are what make it shine. A +1 skill armor might be a better option.

As for gear I pointed out that with even lower + skill levels it can still kill. ALthought I didn't list all those items. Honestly at the lowest levels 1 or 2 HR's could finish the build and there are too many choices to list. Just a mini guide after all.
Frost Zealots is usually a poor man's build.

Anyway i recommend Duress ! The mods on it is just awesome.
*shakes head and walks away as people either didn't read or get the concept of cold damage*
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