The more things change...

What do I do now?

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Jun 27, 2003
The more things change...

... the more they stay the same.

Not a lot of the faces I recognise, but some new ones that will no doubt be engraved into my memory. I can't believe it's been over 20 months since I've last posted here.

Of course, the itch never really goes away - it just gets buried underneath a bunch of other skins. And when we start to scratch again, well; we know where to come back to now, don't we ;) ?

Anyway, might as well make this interesting. If you know who I am, you know the tournament I created. If you don't know who I am, take a random guess at the poll options ;)
Re: The more things change...

Welcome back! D2 has a way of bringing everyone back :nod:. I know, i have quit D2 6+ times already hahaha!

Hopefully now Insane Wayne follows and re-joins us!

I vote for new tourney :).
Re: The more things change...

Welcome back.

While i dont remember you, i always like to see new oldtimers returning :)
Re: The more things change...

The right answer is always Durf.

I've always been intrigued by your tournament but always seemed to have something else going on and never joined. Sadly, I think I'd be in the same situation again if it came back for another spin.

Regardless, enjoy!
Re: The more things change...

I know you, but I don't remember the tourney you did. No option for me. So sad. I don't participate in the tourneys though, so I'm probably an exceptional case anyway.
Re: The more things change...

Welcome back, nice to see another familiar face around, this game is slowly luring us all back it seems :)
Re: The more things change...

Thankyou all for the nice words. It's good to see fresh faces but also some familiars (not Dark), in the crowd too :)

I've got the niggling feeling to start a TWD IV... but I'd like to mix it up a bit as well. Perhaps I ought to start two tournaments?

[edit] Wait, did I say TWD IV? I mean 5. That shows how long it's been. [/edit]
Re: The more things change...

Dance for sure. I never got around to joining any of them. This'll give me a chance to at least sign up. We'll see how far I'll go after that, then.

Welcome back :)
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