The "Magic Absorb" stat.

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Jul 24, 2008
The "Magic Absorb" stat.

I came to note a "magic absorb" stat on my Oath sticks. It's 13 and 15, respectively. Does it only absorb magic damage (e.g. Oblivion Knight bone spirits) or all sorts of magic?
Re: The "Magic Absorb" stat.

Only magic damage (Bone Spirits, etc.).

Just to be complete, Magic Resistance (spawns on crafted safety shields) also only applies to this one element.

However, Magic Damage Reduced (like on a Mal rune) applies to Magic, Fire, Cold & Lightning damage. :p

... three cheers for overloaded terminology!!!
Re: The "Magic Absorb" stat.

Oh well, considering I get 30 MDR from String and Dwarf Star already, I guess 30 magic absorb would be overkill.
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