The Isle Of Misfit Players 12/01


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Jun 22, 2003
The Isle Of Misfit Players 12/01

The Isle of Misfits Address

Our Channel is for those that are here to game,
But know that you’ll be banned, if you are lame.

Beggars, botters and those that use ITH,
Aren’t the types we want to hang with.

To all those who have come before,
It’s not our fault that you’re here no more.

Please leave now, if you’re here to ridicule or to flame,
Our channel is for decent people, and we don’t want you in our game.

RESPECT should be the word of the day,
Without that, a Misfit game is where you’ll never play.

The RESPECT we expect can’t be traded, bought, or sold,
It can only be earned, which becomes worth more than gold.

So if you’d like to join our little group,
Welcome to The Isle of Misfits troop.

Remember our motto from which we all smile,
“Ask not what the Isle can do for you, but what you can do for the Isle.â€
woot second closest i have come in a long time.

No WoW for me tonight, Haning out wiht some friends after school, then i have a wrestling meet at 6:00. First meet of the season so im a bit nervous lol.
Those of you guys playing WoW on the Ilidian server check for me tonight when you get on. The wife has given me permission to play tonight :)

Drew - I don't think I will be as heavily involved with this game as I was with Diablo for the simple reason that I just don't have the time. Hopefully this is a game that I will be able to enjoy in 1-2 hour increments when time permits..... though I might get the occasional weekend game fest :)

Veri - Stop stalling .... you've only been talking about this game since the 1.10 patch came out for diablo :p

Be Safe everyone

Mornin' misfits!!

Jim I am assuming that you will have your usual moniker for WoW. Bryan started his first Toon (Orc hunter). If you start an Orc I will almost surely break out the lvl 1 I made when the server first opened. We can be babies together.
I also just started a hunter.... thought I might try ranged attacks since thats what I liked in diablo when I first started :)
Yeah guys.....not sure what # I

I went to the Silvermoon server with Jeff. It wasn't (or seemed to be) not letting me in the Illidan server....also not sure if I want to start out in PvP....

But from what I understand I can make char on other realms/servers so I will make it over there soon as I figure out what the heck am doing :scratch:

slint83 said:
not you 2 lou
It seems so... :bonk:

Lous has been drawn in....

I went to check the WoW site out n get some more info... but that's bout it. I won't be joining WoW ne time soon...
Well, I picked up the game after reading more about it and listening to the others talk about it. The other thing that got me was that I could have 30 days free to try it out.

So far it is a great game. I am a little lost on what I should do with the char because there are a ton of different skills you can learn and they feed off of other things within the game....this is definately a learning curve....

I one hold back on the game is the fees. It is $15 for one month or it goes down to $12-13 if you pay for six months. The way I look at this is......I go out 2-3 times a month to bowl or movies, etc..... and I easily spend that. so if I cut 1 time a month out there is the money....

Now...for me ... I never had a problem paying for something that was/is worth it and this game (so far, from what I can tell) is absolutely worth has a learning curse for me but its going ok.

that's just my 2 cents...

@@@@MIKE: I have been looking for you on bro but never found you on D2....was able to play with Ed a little but that about it.....

Well, bed time...TTYL
Huh hmn why not wing? :) I've figured out what type of ram I should be getting and how much so now tommorow I gotta go find a good price and order it :). Then I'm all set to go.. after finals of course ;).
Coriolis said:
Huh hmn why not wing? :) I've figured out what type of ram I should be getting and how much so now tommorow I gotta go find a good price and order it :). Then I'm all set to go.. after finals of course ;).
Well, let's see:

1. Wife is complaining I spend to much time with Diablo 2 as is, with WoW's learning curve she'll prob string me up.

2. Unless my daughter is taking a nap or visiting her grandpa - she takes my computer. I guess I need to rebuild the comp I have sitting in the corner.

3. Fees.

Once things settle down, maybe I might delve into WoW... time will tell.
What’s everyone's WoW account name?

Mine is SecretA

Pat?.....Kar?....Bryan?.... c’mon I was getting my arse handed to me last night on the islands by freaking crabs..... CRABS!!!! Do you realize how embarrassing that is for me?..... :)
Good morning misfits.

Been the week from hell for me at work, no playing time of any kind. I also will not be going to WoW however, I really don't think my wife would stand for it. The week won't be getting any easier today, and tomorrow night is the office Christmas party, so I may not be able to get on until sometime Saturday, when I will see whoever is still remaining (looks like just me, Nestor, Mike and Walt so far).

Stay safe wherever you are. :)

WingBlade said:
For the WoW'ers

Are u playing Horde or Alliance?

and what char / class

The group of friends I'm playing with decided to try Horde first. I'm playing an Undead Warlock for starters. I think I'm going to try Tauren Shaman once I get this warlock going.

Secret, you don't use account names on your friend list, you have to use the actual character name in WoW for setting up your friends list. That is a bit annoying because it grows rather large but when you pull it up at least the online characters go right to the top of the list. Other notes for those that haven't tried it yet. Horde players can't message Alliance and you can't message to anyone on a different server either.

I'll end up making another character on the Illidian server like Louis so I can join some of the misfits from time to time. I just didn't want to start out on a PvP server.
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