The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily


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Sep 13, 2008
The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

My plan had involved not working this weekend, but last night that was dashed.

And how about the US draw for the World Cup. If they can channel 1950, they're all set(ducking now, cause I know what's coming), and the rest if the group is manageable. Of course, 1950 aside, I suspect the English feel the same way.

RL: Work of course. Trying to follow the college football games while doing so.

D2: If time allows.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

RL: Another day in paradise. Woke up, shave/shower, coffee, some work on the 'new' graffiti theory/project.

Now on to the Novel (crested 62,250 words yesterday), food, probably a nap (though I've been sleeping way too much lately, something like 12 hours a day), some reading for the aforementioned graffiti project. I hope to have some time to chat with some of the neighbors about graffiti and some of the problems I'm having with my revamped theory. I also hope to get out and do something, anything today, preferably something free or incredibly inexpensive.

D2: Hummm. Doubtful.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

RL: Nah, I wanted to create a daily but was too hung over from yesterday's party...the security dragged us from the dance floor at 5 a.m. because they should have closed by 4 a.m. :rolleyes: My voice is cracked today, too, and I hope it'll be ok tomorrow (choir practice for Händel's Messiah as a tenor is no fun after drinking and partying...).

D2: Defeated NM Andy with my Obsession Thrower Barb and rescued Cain on Normal with my Obsession Amazon. I want to finish that obsession septavirate :crazyeyes:
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

RL:Currently giving final exams in differential equations and Linear Algebra. Fun stuff.

D2: Not until tomorrow. This morning I played the sorc a bit and found a Corpsemourn... no idea what to do with it.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

RL: Busy day today.
Drove to south Austin to check out that $300 computer. Said I'd buy it, but didn't want to take a hot computer into 40-ish degree weather. Went to pay my car insurance that ran out yesterday. My agent wasn't open, so I drove away angry and without proof of insurance. Went and made a car payment. Then I went to a book store to see if I could find the magazine I loved but stopped getting when I moved; no magazine to be found. Then I drove back to the computer guy's place, gave him some cash, and loaded it into my car. Then, because my schedule at work has changed and I'll be working through normal business hours, I drove BACK to my closed insurance agent and put money in their mail slot. THEN I drove to central Austin to check out a used computer parts store to look at the prices on RAM and monitors.
Now I'm back home, wanting to mess around with the new rig, but I have to get some sleep before I see the GF tonight. ...I'm wiped out. :sleep:

Specs on the computer (feel free to make fun of me; I know it's not the best, but it's WAY better than what I've got now):

El Diablo case (how appropriate! It called to me!! :badteeth: It's monstrous in size)
NVIDIA NForce 780i SLI motherboard
Intel Core 2Duo E8400 3.0 GHz processor
2GB of Corsair XMS DDR2 800MHz RAM (8GB max)
Thermaltake 700watt power supply
500GB Sata HD
Radeon HD 4870 video card

Runs XP with Office 2007, Adobe CS3 Master Suite... probably other stuff...

All I know is that I can't wait to tear into it, but like I said... the GF comes first. You'd better believe I'll be checking out Steam sometime tomorrow!

D2: Hahahaha.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

RL: I've been betrayed by one of my best friends.

D2: I'm feeling so violent that I don't dare touch my hardcore characters for fear I'd go on a killing streak. Killing my characters that is.

TheReadMenace: make it 4GB and you're good to go.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

Glad you got a PC TRM. Any ideas for the first 'new' game?

RL: Lovely day with the lady. Watched Robocop together, which was awesome for me, and a rollercoaster of emotion for her. Work was average.

D2: Nope. See below.

OVG: Continuing on with the pet project, currently Max Payne. Too many reloads will force me to play Modern Warfare 2, however.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

RL: Boredom LEVELS have EXCEEDED all POSSIBLE numerical VALUES.


Smilie flood!!!!

@TRM: Ooh, 'gratias with the new computer, senorita. Chicka-chicka-bow-bow.
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

omg: I seriously read that as "smell food". The spam can didn't help. >_>.

RL: Only watched the Cincy/Pitt game, but it was a great one for sure. Looks like both Florida and USC lost, which by itself makes for a good day in sports except for the small detail that a certain team got completely blown out by a rather mediocre conference opponent.

D2: A few hours of PvP. Not feeling too much improvement in my abilities, but lack of games overall probably doesn't help. In other words, be prepared for more periodic hostiles in Baal runs. :whistling:
Re: The How-The-Heck-Is-There-No-Daily-Yet Saturdaily

Be prepared for more periodic hostiles in Baal runs. :whistling:

I haven't had the chance to 1.12a SC MP recently, but... HAPPY TIEMS. I remember fondly playing with Dune, Tank, Nagisa and... RANDOM HOSTILES! :thumbup:

Sorry :crazyeyes: I'm drunk :crazyeyes: and it's 4AM so I really want to start the next daily... :crazyeyes:

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