"The here at last" Fridaily!


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Jun 17, 2006
"The here at last" Fridaily!

Wow, can't believe it's there. It seems this week started a long long time ago.

RL - Last exam day at school, then holiday break starts at 12:00.

D2 - I will continue my wind druid. He's currently in hell and it's much harder than nightmare or normal :crazyeyes:
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

^ G'luck with the exams.

RL: I can't believe I'm awake right now. It's gonna be a looooong day.

D2: Dunno.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: Meh. Bought sticky tape. Going to stick some pictures to some cardboard. It'll be win :coffee:

Also I'm going to have coffee.

D2: I downgraded my whirlers weapon yesterday. In 1.07. It hit's the fastest speed now. I think it does 30 less max damage, but hits 3 times as fast. I can finally take on nm council. Most of the time.

So I'll either do that or play my 1.12 spear whirler. He's still untwinked and I'm about to trade for an eth Hone Sudan from poops. It'll be hard to resist twinking him after I have that.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

It seems this week started a long long time ago.

Amen. :crazyeyes:

RL: Lots of chores to do, including wrapping my brother's and sister's presents, which is difficult because they are both here and my sister is asleep in the room with all the necessary materials. Today I found out that due to her illness my sister may die from laughing (read: excessive movement of the diaphragm). Guess who bought her a comedy DVD for Xmas? I don't get do see my lady until maybe Sunday at the earliest, which annoys me, but last night was fun.

D2: Maybe. No idea what char/version though.

OVG: HL: Opposing Force. I've the aim of completing that and Blue Shift before next year.

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Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

This week started weeks ago. I was actually working.

RL: Not much going on. Really. Not much.

D2: Working with the barb on Hell Act I. He's in "Level up" mode, so I don't really care what I'm doing with him. Right now he's doing clears of Countess and progressing nicely. A full clear get's him about 1/2 a level.... well at least 1/4.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL : Working. Tomorrow will be my last day at school before the xmas holidays. 2 more exams, physics and history. Piece of cake. Then holidays. Boy am i looking forward to those.

D2 : Hit a lucky streak yesterday with my hellforge turn-ins. io, mal, ist, ist, gul. Kinda makes up for the last two series where the drops were worse than sub par. 3x hel from 7 hell hellforges, imagine that. Thank god i also have better luck sometimes :) Now we are even again :D

That makes 4x7 chars i took to the hellforge now, and i got a CtA to show for it, and i am allready ist-ist-gul up again. So a CtA and a vex for 28 chars to hellforge, not bad. But once i finished my death colossus sword, i will stop doing rushes for quite a while.

ovg : not much, yesterday was all D2.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: Yesterday was my last day of high school. Ever. Woo! Now I have six months until I'm booted from this house. Fun time.

D2: Maybe. I need to get to submitting my run...
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: HOLIDAYS!!!!! I have to work tonight though.

D2: Switching between Pindle and AT a lot lately. Can't settle down for one. I guess upcoming MF tournaments will fix that
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: Bit envious of all the people that seem to be off for the next couple of weeks already. Only 6 more workdays for me. I'll make it. Getting much more winterlike. Temperature has been in the negative teens last couple of days, and I had to find my some more winter appropriate clothing. But I'm going to Florida end of next week, so at least it'll be warmer there.

D2: Been doing Normal Acts II and III with my shiny new 1.09 Ravenclaw. Wow. Where has this thing been all my life? I used to hate this part of the game. Well, I still hate it, but now I can hate it for less time.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: First real day of break for me. Don't start back until February :).

@ CorruptedMollusk: I hope those temperatures are in Celcius...

D2: Playing my 1.13 rune barb. Just made it to Act 5 NM. Oath + Grief + Fortitude are making this pretty quick.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: I had an idea for a new painting series last night. WOO! I made some preparatory sketches and notes, and will continue that today. My aunt has all my acrylic paint, and I won't have a chance to get it back before Xmas, so I might be headed to the hardware store for some mineral spirits and linseed oil so I can start the series with a few paintings in oil (which if I started today would not be finished before the new year, due to drying times, so I'll probably wait until Xmas to start or maybe go purchase a few tubes of inexpensive acrylic and at least get some backgrounds started, but I don't know). Anyways. I'm pretty friggen excited about starting up another painting project. Woo.

Ok. So. Shower? Check. Coffee? Check. Shave? Well, I think I'm going to see what I look like with a beard: about 5 days in it looks awful, but it might get better. Job hunt? I'm taking the day off, and maybe the weekend as well, but I might do some light hunting later on.

So. Maybe some hulu, maybe some hanging out with the neighbors and beer later, definitely some painting or painting-related activities, some food, etc. Good times.

D2: Maybe, but unlikely. I should probably set up the iMac somewhere for D2ing, since I won't worry about D2 blowing up the iMac, but I don't know. Meh.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

RL: Holidays, Holidaze...Crazy running around getting everything ready for first Xmas celebration on Saturday. Saves time next week, but adds early stress...

D2: Not until Sunday and even then...

OVG: Got Chrono Trigger for DS last night and I think I'll get knee deep into it before starting anything else.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

+1 for not shaving. I really should now though... It's been what...two months? But I look quite good so far.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

the trick about shaving :

have some sort of beard. A goatee or some such. Compared to the long beard, even 2 weeks without shaving ( on the rest of the face ) will look as if you only forgot to shave just the last two days, given that the beard is long enugh.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

I haven't shaved since my sophmore year in High school... and I'm what now... 45?
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

I guess I will have no d2 projects to start the holidays, my computer decided to stop booting windows vista. I got a live CD of ubuntu from a friend but I can't play d2 :(
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

I guess I will have no d2 projects to start the holidays, my computer decided to stop booting windows vista. I got a live CD of ubuntu from a friend but I can't play d2 :(

There's a Linux application called Wine that lets you run Windows programs. A friend of mine got D2 to work with it, so you may want to give that a shot.

Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

@Smips: Sounds like a GG Barb. How many runs so far?

RL: First day of my break. :) I finished exams yesterday at 12, but I was still in exam mode (ergo even though exams were done, I felt extremely guilty for playing Diablo II), so it technically starts today.

Plans for my break:

- Start and finish reading Moral Issues In Global Perspective.
- Relearn high school physics so I can tutor my cousin.

- 10 characters to mat/pat (Strafer, Fishyzon, Fishysin, Aggressin, Horker, Frenzybarb, CtC Kodiak, Daggermancer, Hammerdin, Blizzsorc). Amusingly, 6 out of those 10 builds are re-builds. Something tells me I'll regret it when 1.13 gets officially patched.
- 5000 LK runs.

- I only have time to finish one game before school starts again, so atm it's either finish up Eternal Sonata or LaPucelle Tactics. Currently siding with ES since I don't wanna put it off too long.

D2: Covered above.
Re: "The here at last" Fridaily!

Congrats, LeWo! And you're right, you've been finished with that run for too long without submitting it yet.

RL: Finished my work week. No plans for the evening, but my weekend will be a different story. I'll leave it for tomorrow's daily since there's plenty more I can share about my day.

Computer: The former tech never used to get in touch with me, so imagine my surprise that when I left my work building he was standing outside waiting for me! ...Do remember, though, I work with his GF, so I guess he was picking her up, too. We talked for about five minutes, but the only things he said that mattered were, "What exactly did I not do that you wanted me to?" and "You're not getting a full refund." We got interrupted, so I told him to call me when he had time. What a [expletive deleted]-muncher.

Because I told the new computer fix-it people that the RAM I bought for it needed to be returned by Saturday (white lie: it's actually Monday), today they were super nice and did a quick RAM check well ahead of a few other systems that they're supposed to work on before mine. I got the call as I was talking to the old tech that told me the RAM checked out fine, so it's not the problem.

However, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. If the ultimate problem is the motherboard and I decide to buy a new one that uses DDR3 sticks, that means I'm out $100 because I won't be able to return what I just bought in time for a refund. On the flip side, if I buy a MOBO that uses DDR2 so I can use the RAM I just bought, that means I've got a computer that can't really be upgraded much more in the future. ...I guess the rest of the components aren't really super current, anyway, so I guess I'll have to live with a MOBO that uses DDR2. ...But that's only if the problem is the board, otherwise it's all moot. Bah! I wish the first tech hadn't wasted so much of my time... (and I bet you wish I hadn't wasted so much of yours! Sadly, this whole gaming computer thing is big to me at the moment)

D2: I beat normal with the Whirler yesterday. Still not really feeling the build or the skill yet. I dislike that a single hard point in Concentrate does more damage than the 14 points I have in Whirlwind.
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