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The epic classical music thread


Aug 17, 2003
Let's start with organs.

The most epic pieces of organ music:

#1 (edit: new link):

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Next - Wagner Part 1:

Ride of the Valkyries (instrumental):

Lohengrin prelude (act 1):

Lohengrin prelude (act 3):
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Wagner - part 2:

Rheingold prelude:

Rheingold finale:

Tannhäuser Pilgerchor:

Edit: New link.
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SD, don't stop me at posting serious topics!

Shit, now I forgot what other pieces of Wagner are going into here!

Oh yes, Siegfried's funeral march, the greatest of them all, you can't stop me at being German:

Edit: New link. Conducted by Furtwängler, the demigod of conductors.

Edit 2: There is just one Siegfried Funeral March. This one.
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I guess our definition of "epic" differs.
So what's epic then? [/smaug]
That girl also made a fantastic guitar version of Vivaldi's Summer:

Beethoven, the greatest composer of all time - piano sonatas:

Moonlight sonata, first movement:

Third movement:

Hammerklavier, first movement:

Pathetique, second movement:

Tempest sonata, third movement:

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So what's epic then? [/smaug]
If it was featured in a Bug's Bunny cartoon, it is most likely an "epic" piece of classical music.
Die Walküre by Richard Wagner

Where was I? Oh yes, Beethoven.

Symphonies. The kind of composition that made him immortal... or better said, he made himself immortal by composing the greatest instrumental pieces of music ever heard.

3rd (Edit: new link):




Very few composers have come close to those four, but regarding symphonies, everything pales in comparison to his ninth, in particular the grand first movement (Edit: new link):

There are thousands of princes, but there's only one BEETHOVEN. Music for the ages!
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Starlings. To be viewed in full-screen!

Every year, the starlings are eating all cherries from my trees a week before being ripe, but that's OK, as long as they keep on doing this awesome stuff. Magnificient!
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I've posted this video in other places before, but I think it belongs in here as well, the music starts at 1:50:

It's the music that makes this one of the greatest scenes in Western movies.
And this is what it sounds like when a world class symphonic orchestra is playing it:

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Did I link this soundtrack yet? It's in my CD player now. Give it a chance....

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