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In The Name of Zod

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Jul 13, 2007
For me it would be a proper zoom controller that allows you to zoom out to at least grim dawn level of perspective. I don't mind if it means the level of detail drops so long as I can zoom out properly then I know I would be looking forward to this game a lot more than I currently do.

How about yourselves? What do you want in D4 that you doubt would ever make it in?
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Yeh, there is no way offline is happening with any Blizzard game moving forwards.
Did anyone mention offline play yet?
Limited choices.

The beauty of D2 was that you had limited slots with multiple stats to balance.

D3 increased the slots and reduced the stats, meaning less hard choices needed to be made in the gear.

These choices are part of what make D2 so replayable.
Hard choices are what could make or break D4. The concept of hard choice should not be simplified for the wider audience if they want to recapture the magic of the earlier games. There should always be either good or bad consequences for your actions in games I think. That's what makes good games challenging.
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