the best armor 4 zealot is....

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Nov 28, 2004
the best armor 4 zealot is....

i've been confuse about this 4 a LONG time.... my guy is currently using a levi.... but i'm still not very sure
poll in wut u think so i can finally get my zealot get some clothes to wear
NightBlade said:
What are some other options? Upped shaft and eth Templars?

I listed what I consider to be the top choices in my guide. As for one being the best, we all know that I feel that it depends on what you want to achieve. Every armor has its merits with the right setup.
I like levi because it's green, it's definately not the best though (although still very good). I'd say some insane rare or blue elite eth high-def low-str armor w/ self repair and 2 sockets.

whoa notorious.. very nice armor.if your on west, you selln it? :thumbsup:
you have all kinds of beautiful rares and magics, i can never find any. but of late instead of mfing with a sorc, i have jsut been doing runs with my zealot and getting nicer and nicer rares, im hoping for that one special one any day now

P.S. i voted for eth valor, cause i love being gold and have
ing high def, and having 2 to skills, and having life thers not really anything not to like about it, i also like a good stone too
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