Teleport into?!

In The Name of Zod

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Mar 23, 2020
I've had a lot of crazy idea's for what I would like to see in arpg's but one idea that will NOT leave me alone is the concept of the hero teleporting into an enemy effectively using their armor as a weapon. Balancing teleport is a problem in arpg's because movement agility is a massive advantage esp when considering pvp but tp into enemies or even chain tp-ie has certain callback to movies like the serpent and the rainbow. I am a huge horror movie buff, I'll make no bones about it and I respect the effort Blizzard are making to submerse players in a deeep world of wrong doing. It's just that there has to be more, more than just ordinary combat. I really wish they would step it up in terms of violence and gore. Anyone else had interesting idea's for combat that sits outside the ordinary? How to balance it is difficult but it should be hard visually imo. Vertically oriented ww is another idea and more. The trick has to be a rewarding feedback system for when players use skills that are way above their current experience level.