Tech Problems!


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Dec 16, 2009
Tech Problems!

Doing some travelling so I've had to leave my desktop behind, and I'm having problems getting Diablo II and LOD running on my netbook. Have it installed and patched up to V1.12a, but the game won't load. When I try to start it up I get a black screen that stays until I use ctrl-alt-del to close the program.

System specs are:
Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 3
Intel Atom CPU N270 @ 1.60 Ghz
1 gig RAM
Mobile Intil 945 Express Chipset Family

The computer runs Starcraft fine, and World of Warcraft plays although the framerate leaves a little to be desired. If I can run WoW it should be able to run Diablo II fine, so I'm thinking I'm doing something wrong with the software.

When I run the video test my screen flickers and changes resolution, and comes back with "This computer connat run Diablo II". Pretty sure I've successfully updated teh video drivers and directX, but I stand by my being able to play WoW and not Diablo II being kind of silly...

Anyone able to shed a little light on what I'm doing wrong? Thank!
Re: Tech Problems!

netbooks were not designed for gaming

you can try the glide wrapper

copy the files to your d2 install folder, run glide-init.exe
pick english/dutch -> opengl infos -> query gl infos to check video card compatibility

if it works, run d2vidtst and select glide
Re: Tech Problems!

Thanks a bunch! That actually worked and I can load up D2 now. Not sure if its playable yet cause I'm still at work, but I'll definitely be giving it a go when I get home.

Thanks mate!
Re: Tech Problems!

several of us are using the glide wrapper for the windowed functionality it gives the game.

If you need help configuring diff options for it just ask.
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