Tal meteorb probs with Nihlathak


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Jul 9, 2004
Tal meteorb probs with Nihlathak

I have a classic meteorber with tal set, perf. spirit and aldurs boots. Resists are maxed, fhr should be safe (8 from lc and a lot from spirit), fcr should also reach the breakpoint. I use it to run for keys (using nature for nihlathak) but i die a bit too often to my taste. Its primarily when theres a lot of archers or witches.

I dont have anything socketed in tal set, so i have 3 free sockets to improve the survivability of the girl.

First I thought about socketing rbf fires, but the problem is not really killing.. So what should help the most against archers and witches? Is it sol, rubies or what?
Re: Tal meteorb probs with Nihlathak

do you have a CTA?

and also this is one of those situations where your mercs gear matters more than yours does

need to get your merc one of those 3k+ defense bugged armors. that'll make him indestructible to the skeleton archers.

so, let me make a diagram:

Archers --> Merc : You

I don't know why you're having trouble with the succubi, their missiles are incredibly slow. just teleport someplace else.

as for your original question... i guess sols would work, but IMO topazes, lol.

and meteorb is not really a good keyrunner, if you're willing to rebuild and trying to run nihl i'd recommend ditching frozen orb and picking up max telekinesis and 1 point energy shield. That will up your durability considerably.

yeah yeah i know "mana burn" not as dangerous as you'd think, its not like you have zero hit points, and besides mana burn mobs never spawn in halls of vaught anyway. (there are no named mobs there besides nihl, except the ones in the evil urn)

the only real downside is that you won't be able to kill those stupid flayers and arachs without a bit of hassle. (just ignore them, they're not really that threatening anyway, or if absolutely necessary take them out with rank 1 chain lightning and get your merc a conviction aura.).
Re: Tal meteorb probs with Nihlathak

No cta, merc is often not coming along, he dies too often and dont like when he kill stuff either.
Re: Tal meteorb probs with Nihlathak

get a CTA ASAP. that's going to add a lot more hit points than socketing your tals with prubies. even if its just a 1 bo.

and a merc with a very high defense eth armor and this should go much smoother for you. if you're worried about him killing mobs to trigger corpse explosion, dont' give him a weapon lol.

one idea would be to grab a prayer merc and socket a normal or broken normal polearm with insight. the prayer synergizes the meditation on the insight, giving you a bunch more health and mana.

with cta your mana should increase another 50%.

then find a random orb with +1 to energy shield and precast that before fighting nihl. you should have enough mana to make use of it with all of that extra mana from bo/insight, and your merc can heal you up and heal himself too.

this is assuming you are on ladder, do you have access to this gear? if not forget it, lol.

and yeah i can see why corpse explosion would be a problem, with no cta and no energy shield nihls corpse explosion would almost one shot you...
Re: Tal meteorb probs with Nihlathak

its on ladder and getting a CTA should be possible, so good idea there :)

My merc is holy freeze using insight (elite non-eth), leviathan and non-eth andy-ral. The only problem with giving him crap weapon is that i can't take out countess with him.

Think ill start with CTA, then try playing with my merc if that does not help enough.

Thx a lot.

edit: Only one death after 20 runs with CTA and no merc, haven´t collected enough riches to upgrade him too. The one death was due to lag in the middle of a archer/witch pack. So problem seems to be solved.
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