synergies fmast vs. fbolt


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Dec 2, 2006
synergies fmast vs. fbolt

I am in the process of making a meteor/orb sorc..

Now i have orb/fball/meteor-maxed

just curioius as to what would be the better choice... maxing fbolt because i usually use fball as my second attack instead of meteor..

Fbolt gives 14% per level to fball whereas the mastery gives something like 8%.

my question is does mastery increase huge by the time it is maxed? or would maxing fbolt be the way to go.

Neither. The correct answer lies somewhere in between, depending on the amount of +fire mastery you have in your gear. Use calculus or a skill calculator to figure that out. I believe it is something like your total synergy points is 10 more than your mastery lvl or something like that.
Randall explains it pretty well here.

I'm playing untwinked, so I won't know my endgame +skills from gear by the time I've finished maxing FBall, so I'll be putting a few points into Fbolt before messing with mastery.
I would assume that fire mastery would be a better option because it also boosts your other fire skills.

I did some quick calculations with a skills calculator assuming that you had 15 to all skills (not that hard with charms ammy's and torch) and here are my results:

Max FBall, Meteor, Fmastery (1 point in FBolt)
FBall DMG = 6,662-7,271
Meteor DMG = 15,797-16,460(1,749-1,836/second)

Max Fball, Meteor, FBolt:(1 point in FMastery)
FBall DMG = 7,126-7,778
Meteor DMG = 14,762-15,383 (1,117-1,173/second)

Of course this is without facets and special +dmg fire skills and such, this is only skills with 15 plus to all skills. Therefore it is a rough number but gives you an idea of whats going on.
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