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Swords for frenzy?


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Jul 9, 2006
Swords for frenzy?

There is no way i should waste all my stat points just to accomodate a 155 dexterity requirement for a one handed sword should i? Why go sword if they all have a high dexterity requirement?
what sword carries a 155 dex req.? highest is pb with 136. anyway.... frenziers DONT TOUCH PHASEBLADES!!!!! use collosus blades or at a stretch a collosus sword for your edeath just in case you cant get hold of an eth 5-sox cb. go axe if you can afford it. if you cant just use unique swords, and find a combo that works.
i remember when i was usin dual azurewraths i needed alot of dex(dont remember what exactly)

i mean my barb looked sweet, but it was just too much dex from vit.
People use swords because:
a) they belive there are better cheap options for a sword user then there are for axe user(I don't agree with that)
b) they want to use "lawbringer"(that runeword is usefull in dealing with PIs when playing single player/untwinked/low budget and is very useful in ubertristram - to get rid of those wraiths and cast decripify)
c) people want to look cool, and dual wielding two-handed swords look cool, while dual wielding axes look... let's faces it - wimpy...(STYLE FTW:grin: )
My frenzier uses the following swords

2x etheral colossal blades
2x phase blades

I have only spent 10 hard points in dex, since all my items make up the rest

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Who said axes are better than swords because of stat requirements? hahaha
A lot of ppl around here will recommend PB's for Grief because:

1) All PB's are indestructible (good for Frenziers!)
2) Grief doesn't add %Edmg, it adds 340-400 (depending on your roll) straight dmg. So, the low base dmg of PB's is small compared to +340-400 dmg.
3) No strength requirement, IIRC.
4) There isn't an axe that can match the speed/indestructibility on a PB.

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