Switching from Classic to LOD.


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Nov 19, 2006
Switching from Classic to LOD.

I have seriously been considering getting LOD, but I don't want to have to restart my characters and everything. I read on the Arreat Summit page that I can transfer my character over, but is this true? Because someone in Classic told me that's not possible.
You can convert classic chars to LOD. Often this makes minor sense because in LOD a lot of builds have a diffrent stat and skill distributions.
I play it both, I advise you to just make a new char on lod, because you can't invert you character when it is converted to LOD. And, it is more easy leveling in Lod then classic, you will get to lvl 90 easier, I don't know if you rather play your chars, or try to get boosted? Ow and your items (yellow one) on classic are pretty much useless on Lod..
You can convert classic characters to expansion, you just can't convert them back and as seralph said, they will suck in the expansion. Better keep them as they are and start new expansion characters.

If you want to convert equipment to expansion, make a dummy character in classic, pass all the stuff to him and convert him.
Yes, very few builds from classic would still be good in LoD.
Oh come on, it doesn't take that long to build a char. It'll be a new build anyway, it should be fun.
Get lod definitely, you can still continue playing classic, the same characters can exist together on your account. Once you have lod you can choose weather to make a lod or classic char allowing you to play in both, just like me. :tongue:

Lod is a totally different game though, it's a lot more than just an expansion.
Then don't make any decision you can't undo. Keep your characters in classic (which is what nearly everybody suggests here anyway) and start new ones for the expansion :wink3:
if your on sp, you can copy your save folder to a different location, and then convert your chars, if you dont like it you can copy them back to normal again

if you play on the realms there is no undo option
What the weird guy with the nose said.
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