Super Cheap Sorc


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Dec 11, 2006
Super Cheap Sorc

Hi, I'm coming back to d2 after many years of not playing. I was hoping that someone could give me advice on which type of sorc to make for pure pvm since all gear will be self found. Thanks to anyone who can help.
Fire sorc. Easiest, cheapest and fastest to make IMO. Fireballer/meteor. Make a leaf runeword to start.. find a skin of viper magi. Get an occy or some pieces of tals set for cheap. make a spirit. Pretty cheap. and effective.. Or if your going pure PVM for MF I suggest a Meteorb sorc. Plenty of guides for an MF sorc. Check out
I made a pure self-found Meteorber from Sasja's guide (although I plan to put some points into Fbolt rather than the recommended maxing Fmast right after maxing FBall) and she's really quite fun to play. No need for twinking or trading anything.
haha i know this is a sorc thred, and im in the same situation, i havent played in about 2 years, and i was going to remake my bliz sorc b/c she killed jsut that fast... but i made a summon necro and maxed raise skelly right away with 1 into IM and damn, i never killed so fast... good build theres a nice guild on it to...

but other then my 2 cents, just make either a pure orb, blizz or fireball/metor sorc, there all great for MFing
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