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Sep 13, 2008

Well the end of the weekend is here, and I plan to enjoy it. By enjoy it, I mean do nothing that is work like. I do need to try and find tickets to see my family at the end of the month, but that sounds like a good project to do at work.

RL: I do have to do some laundry, but otherwise, I think not.

D2: I've never played very fast, now I want to level a character in a week. So that should be a challenge. But hopefully I finish it up, and it is one I am sort of familiar with, so I'm hopeful.

Have a good day everyone. Or if you're more motivated than me, have a great one.
Re: Sundaily

RL: Wife got whateever sent me down for the entire last week, so looking for the kids and doing the cleaning for me. And then some work. At least the weather is quite clear today, for a change.

D2: If I get the time. I might convince myself that I am allowed a bit of playing between the chores, as an incentive.
Re: Sundaily

RL: Becoming a Real World Hero. :D Thought that was a clever idea.

D2: Continuing Atil's progress to 99. She's 97.5 so getting there. I probably won't update to 1.13 when it turns up. At least until someone explains what they've done to LM.

CoX: Yep. Progressing nicely. Got some nice ideas for the base which I'm implimenting. Made a theatre in one of them. :D
Re: Sundaily

kanonfutter: Hope the family can all get well soon. :)

RL: Finally finished the move from old laptop to new. Haven't bothered exploring Windows 7 much, but it's been nice so far. OS-tan looks/sounds better too. Currently rewatching some of Ichigo Mashimaro, but probably sleep very soon, since there's been enough staring at computer screens for one day.

D2: Hundred or so LK runs. Swapping from a 1200x800 to 1600x900 makes clicking off the screen a bit harder, but it's worth the nicer look overall. :)

EDIT: Clearly my brain shuts off when it gets so late. Meant that it is easier to click off screen of course. *hides*

OVG: Unwillingness to MP, plus being too lazy to reinstall, has ended my Mabi career for now. :p
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Re: Sundaily

Today I've decided to go see Avatar. It opens in a week around here. No spoilers or bad opinions please. Only good ones. When someone speaks bad about the movie it spoils it worse than actual spoilers for me.

RL: I need to cut out some pictures from my book about faces, so I can practice.

D2: I miss my strafer. I might get her further into hell.

OVG: Probably not. Unless there's a good deal on Steam.
Re: Sundaily

RL: The hot day I alluded to in the previous daily came true. It was a horrible 39C in Perth and my room has been about 35 degrees all day. No AC makes me a sweaty camper :hang:

D2: Maybe.
Re: Sundaily

RL: see D2

D2: I have 4 1.13 HC characters in the works ranging from level 5 to level 14 at the moment. I'm running Countess in normal a couple of times in the hope of getting enough runes to make the sorc some low level runewords - Leaf and Stealth for starters. Lore will have to wait until later, given it's higher level runes. I am enjoying playing untwinked once again, rather than just flying through Normal. Every drop is exciting when you've got nothing! I guess I could have done the same in 1.12, and did start there a while ago for Septavariate tournament, but it fizzled out after a few deaths and the lure of my SC stashes. The patch being beta-released was just a nudge to get me started on HC again.
Re: Sundaily

Thanks Nagi. The kids are fine though, and are currently building a pillow nest in one of their beds because they are playing eagles. The sight of the nest and the plush animals thrown around it is beyond belief. :crazyeyes:

D2: My Whirler has just passed lvl 52. Soon time put forth your Oath again. If there ever was a game changer, it was surely it :thumbsup:
Finally found a 4os Kraken Shell yesterday, of def 512 no less. I think it will go fine with an El, a Sol, a Dol, and a Lo for turbocharging once lvl 61 rolls over :cloud9:
Re: Sundaily

RL: Need to start grading... have to stop procrastinating (see D2)

D2: Got the necro through Hell Arcane Fortress. That's the worst case scenario in the act. Having done that, the rest will be a walk. Nothing really special about him, your standard fishy. I have a blue head that might be good enough to socket... but holding out a bit for a better one. His resists are approximately 0.
Re: Sundaily

RL: Maybe. T-Storms rolled through last night knocking out power for 2 hours and making sleep impractical, so..... "BBBRRRRRaaaaIIiiiinnnNNNSsss!!!!111!!!"

D2: Dunno.
Re: Sundaily

RL: Went to choir practice, had to sing tenor alone ... again ... which isn't fun when you're practicing Händel's Messiah ...

Will be off swimming in a few minutes with a friend of mine. She will come round later, too, for some cooking and watching TV.

D2: Not today, even if I'm semi-excited about 1.13 beta... probably won't upgrade till it's final though.
Re: Sundaily

Edit: @Grisu: If you're singing alone, then I hope you're good :D

RL: Going to be watching football most of the day. School's done for the semester, but I need to go in to work for a week. Won't be too bad since I don't need to be there until 10. And I think today may finally be the day I boot up...

D2: 1.07 is Ashmer is around, otherwise maybe I'll install 1.13 and start making a runebarb :p.
Re: Sundaily

RL: I finally uninstalled RL. Takes up too much space on the hard drive anyway.

D2: Have the house to myself today. And that means, once I can get motivated to start, running LK until my fingers bleed. Or until a Ber drops. As to which of those is more likely, I've picked up a fresh new box of band-aids.
Re: Sundaily

I for one will not be seeing Avatar.

RL: Made the most awesome fried breakfast with the lady, while we were eating our wedding song came on the radio. It certainly made bacon and sausages more romantic then I'd anticipated. We both had a little nap and later today I have my MA Xmas dinner. The lady will be meeting everyone for the first time. I hope we don't sit next to Bradley. I told my sensei we couldn't give him a lift, I hope I don't have to pay for it on the dojo floor next week. I'm bordering on getting into a full-blown internet argument over my grammar tendencies, but I have to hold off until I'm back on my own PC.

D2: I'm at the lady's house, so no games. I'm tempted to install 1.13 though.

OVG: As above, but I did dream of Dead Space. Or maybe it was the special edition of Event Horizon that I saw in the shops the other day.
Re: Sundaily

RL: Chillin and online poker.

D2: Almost through normal with my only char since the rerstart. Still not decided on wether or not to use rwm or not, but dieing somewhere late hell from manaproblems doesnt seem appealing.
btw, lv 26 teeth is pretty sweet on good ole p1 in normal. Goes a little something like this:
1. Kill all the mobs on the screen x2 (5-6 spams)
2. Drink blue pot.
3 Go to 1.
Re: Sundaily


RL: A late one with the heavily tattooed neighbors and their rockstar graf writing buddies. I was friggen starstruck, for sure. Seriously: 1) Between 5 beers at mominems and the beers I drank late last night, I polished off 18 beers, gogo me! And of course that made me even dumber and sillier than I would've been otherwise; 2)A couple of the guys they've introduced me to have been writing since the 1980s, for reals, and one of the crazier long term guys was over last night, encouraging me to drink more and telling all kinds of interesting stories; 3) I stumbled into my apartment at 6:47am and passed out by 7, latest I've been up in quite awhile. Good times, for sure. Believe.

Then I got up at 11, made coffee, heard strange noises from outside, took coffee out and walked down the block: fun run/jogging for charity/whatever going on down the block. I would go down there and chill, but there are police everywhere and I'm still effing drunk. Jeez.

Upcoming: clothes washing, food, sleep, ummmm, hulu, meh. I'm not yet hungover, but I feel it creeping on me. Yeps.

D2: Maybe I'll patch up to 1.13 and see about the video changes, but I don't know yet. I'm still feeling fairly ripe.

OT: I want to be the 21st century Roger Gastman. Yeps.
Re: Sundaily

RL: Nothing special.

D2: I leveled GentleHurricane (Whirler/Horker) from 87~89. Phew. Finally max Battle Orders.
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