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Nov 28, 2005

RL- Ah quite a good day, just passed my first aid course so I officially a First Aider WooT. Did it through work so getting paid for it aswell. Shame its a sunday, and the prospect of monday is looming over me.

D2- Diablo been giving me trouble so gonna run countess for some runes to get a malice, hopefully will get some nice items for my merc aswell.
RL - went to chess club , cleaned some rooms, did homework :undecided:

D2 - got my magezon through act 1 NM . A dark one in catacombs dropped yet another lum for me. :smiley: Also did some countess/andy runs hoping to get a Sol rune to make lore runeword or a decent bow.
RL: Apprehensive about a much-needed conversation that's going to happen today. Trying to find a place to meet where it's not too crowded/won't annoy waitstaff trying to turn tables over AND allows cigarette smoking on a Sunday at 1 PM.

D2: I'm loving Valencia, my fresh-start untwinked cookie-cutter Sasja's Meteorber. Noobintraining's Error Message, which I've been obsessively checking to see if his problem is solved, reminds me to be extra-grateful that I'm not suffering gamecrashes, especially since Valencia has found more unique and set items than any other character I've ever played. Nothing Godly ... she's only in her 50's in A2 NM.

I still don't really have the hang of teleporting, but I'm getting the idea of how to keep monsters in place while waiting for the Meteor to hit. FO is the main offensive, but I'm practicing for CIs. Almost no trouble at all on p/8.

Razaac, my fishy, has gotten absolutely no attention whatsoever. So far I've successfully resisted starting a zillion more characters with impossible restrictions, although the other day I did start a barb named Finder who isn't allowed to purchase anything (and isn't allowed to place points in skills until he finds certain things ... possible glimmerings of a summer tourney idea).
RL - just finished off my xmas shopping thank god.....

D2 - going to get my skelliemancer thru the rest of normal - stuck in kurast at mom- might need to lower it down to /p1 for speed
RL-not much, i should do my homeworks, but i don't feel like it now. I have till 9:00 AM tomorrow to do it, so why worry?
D2-Mf, Mf, Mf and Mf. Oh and guess what? Mf. I might also begin act 4 with my homemade summoner.
RL- I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!!!! I will be attending the University of Miami starting next fall. Hell yeah!!!

D2- couple hundred pindle runs a day is about all I can still manage with one Mat. If I could find a pair of SOJs that would be nice..
RL- My bro and sister in law came over last nite, sis talked with my mom, bro worked with my dad for a bit, then played some Tekken 4 with me. Yoshimitsu is so fun to play.

D2- Havn't played in a week now, but hopped on last nite to lvl twice and got to the Crystalline Passage.

@HiTek- You won't be cheering when you get to choose all your classes, then you have to go to the school to register and there is a line 500000 miles long... Then you have to go to orientation, which is pointless because the first session of each class is an orientation anyway....I hate college. And yet I love it.
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