Stupid question about uber portals


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Dec 17, 2004
Stupid question about uber portals

So I finally managed to collect three keysets. When I create the portal, will it remain open on the character which I created after I open a new game? Or will it disappear after I quit the game?

Re: Stupid question about uber portals

It will disappear. Uber portals are just like the cow portal, i.e. game-specific.

Also: take care not to create all the portals in the same place (only one of them will be accessible then!). It's a common mistake when first making them.

It's best to wait 5 minutes for the game to perm, then open all 3 portals but moving in between so they're not on top of each other.
The reason why you should open all 3 at the same time is that they will all be different portals. This way you get all the organs;
if you opened each portal in a separate game, you could have 3 Izual portals, for example, and would then have to hassle around selling organs.

As a final tip, make one of the portals near Larzuk so you can shop for nice armors and shields for a while. I've been trying for ages to get a Jeweler's of the Whale from Anya; I don't have the keys or an Uber-capable char on Nl yet so I can't make the portal near Larzuk.
Re: Stupid question about uber portals

Red portals will remain in one game forever (or until it is deleted because of inactivity).

You need 3 keys for every portal each time, no matter what character or situation.
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