stupid newb pally shield question

Fear Before

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Nov 28, 2006
stupid newb pally shield question

didn't get a respose in the trade value forums.. i have a feelign this is good but nothing to back up that feeling..

Superior Aerin Shield
not posting def/dura because if it's any good i can just up it
14% enhanced defense
35 resist all
4 sockets
If it had 40+ res it might be decent temp for a lld spirit/jewel'd sheild but imo its too low to be worthy of using. Also, you can not up a non rare or unique item. In other words, you can not up that item since it is not rare or unique.

-BLoke :smug:
First off, you can't upgrade that. Second, that's a mediocre shield for a Spirit, but I can't see using it for much beyond that. It's nothing spectacular, but it's not Charsi food.
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