Stuck in NM A4, Help!


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Jul 17, 2005
Stuck in NM A4, Help!

Hi everyone! I started an untwinked Zerk barb a few days ago and have made it to NM A4 at lev 48. However, I am unable to get past the Plains of Despair without leading every monster pack away to 1:1 them. I am using a Twitchthroe that I got back in Normal and a Moonfall that I got from NM Meph runs. All my other equipment are rares. Anyone have any advice? What area should I hunt, and at what /p setting? Thanks!
Just curious of your support skills. If you're not using Warcry liberally with taunt and possibly howl for support it'll be much harder. Your level also seems a bit low. Might want to level up a bit first.
Yeah that's likely your problem. Warcry is the zerker's best friend. Your going to want to get it up to a level that allows you a comfortable duration. From what I remember most guides recommend being about to get 2-3 swings in between each warcry. If you plan on taking on packs of monsters at a time with zero defence, there isn't any other great way to deny all of that damage unless you go heavily into Taunt (like lvl 35-40) and throw on some dmg reduction gear. BC might work but I think it has diminishing returns for -dmg where taunt doesn't.
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