strange login problem


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Jan 23, 2004
strange login problem

what happened:

i died in a nightmare baalrun due to a massive lag
when i typed something it didnt appear and finally i got CI

i tried to join another game -> failed to login..several times
i tried creating games -> failed too

i tried with other char, joining and creating works

is my first char bugged in a way ill never be able to use it again ?

edit: works again, sorry :/
Yeah, that happens sometimes. Usually I wait atleast 15 minutes before I try to join/create a game with that character. Just some bnet glitch...

your char might have been flagged to get rolled back, sometimes it takes 10-15min
I have one char that gets that ALL the time, I have no idea what its problem is.
Your first character got disconnected from Bnet server because that Bnet server is experiencing technical problem.

Your first character cannot make, join anything because on Bnet server, this character is still online, present in that game.

You just have to wait til their server works again ( roll back, hickup, reset etc ) then everything is back to normal. ( which takes a few minutes usually )
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