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Str req question


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Sep 29, 2007
Str req question

Ok so simple question couldn't didn't find an answer for so I was thinking up a whirly barb and when I looked at the items I noticed I get at least 90 to str

(Beast, BOTD, Tyreals, Dracul, Arreats, Mara's)

this means I accomplish the complete str req for my barb with items alone. If I used str charms until I could put on the gear then remove the charms can I still wield the items?
Re: Str req question

Yes, but that's considered a bug and once you unequip the items (e.g. when dying), you will have to do the trick with the charms again.
Re: Str req question

so with this "Bug" I could potentially make a pure vitality whirly barb. Interesting
Re: Str req question

well more or less I was wondering if the gear itself could be somehow worn without any charms or pts in str. but ya 20-40 str is always a nice boost
Re: Str req question

I've always found strength-bugging to be far more headache than it's worth. For one, you'll have an easier time wearing decent twinking gear if you've got a little investment in strength. For another, it can be more difficult to change items around if you decide to swap something out later. And although you'd loose a little HP by investing in strength, you'd also gain a little bit of extra damage.

Overall, strength bugging's simply not worth the headache, in my opinion.

But if you want to try it, you'd have:

30 base
+ 25-35 Tyrael's & Maras
+ 20-40 Anni/Torch
... that's enough to equip the Drac's, which is another +10-15.

Depending on the rolls of the previous items, hopefully you'd have enough to equip Arreat's at that point. So you could be somewhere near(ish) to 140 strength without investment - which might (or might not) be enough for equipping your weapons.
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