stories about diablo


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Nov 20, 2005
stories about diablo

hi every1. i'll like to noe if there are any websites/forums other than The Arreat Summit where i can find stories about diablo? that is, the story that the game follows. e.g. what actually happened b4 the diablo 1 game and also during the diablo 1 game(played it b4 but can't remember already.) or maybe who is this "sigon" that the sigon's set is named after? who is the "immortal king"? who is trang-oul? like e.g. i noe tat azurewrath belonged to izual b4 he got corrupted. so i'm looking for stories along those lines maybe? cos i'm really interested to noe and i'm sure it will bring more joy to playing d2.
I recall from the manual that Trang-Oul is the dark god the Necromancers worship and get their power from. Those are his bones and teeth you're shooting.

Other than that I don't know.
for sits and giggle I looked up D2 at my local bookstore (Borders) and they actually had a fantasy novel on the shelf that was somewhat of a backstory loosely tied to the Diablo/D2 storyline. Not sure if that helps you any :)
thanks for the replies. from the wikipedia page tat MaxMax posted, seems like some of the items' names came from some blizzard's staffs' names.

hmmmm so besides the stories abt diablo, anyone noes of any sites tat compiles the things tat the npcs in the game say. e.g. all the things tat deckard cain can say when u "gossip" with him. or wat deckard cain will say for the forgotten tower quest? or maybe how to access the file in the game cd or game folder tat contains these things? cos i seldom read these things when i'm playing the game and i'll like to read them when i'm not at home and dun have access to the game. any input is very much appreciated!
its in the classic game manual, thang oul is the dragon that holds the world and the god the necromancers worship.
Apparently necromancy is all about Feng Shui...
I think maybe Feng Shui and Chinese geomancy are connected, or one is a subset of the other or something. I just remember something about your house being situated on dragon's bones being the worst Feng Shui it can have.
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